20 Interesting Pre -Built Tiny Homes

Pre-built homes are becoming increasingly popular. They are more affordable, energy-efficient, and don’t take as long to build.

If you are unsure of what these types of homes actually are, they are houses that are manufactured off-site in advance and are then shipped and assembled at any selected location.

Within this though, there are three main types of homes. Modular homes, which are created in sections and transported to the selected location for assembling and construction.

They are the most expensive option as there is more building done on-site than the other options. Manufactured homes, which are built on steel beams and are then transported from where they’ve been manufactured in complete sections. Lastly, we have mobile homes.

These are built on wheels and can be transported. They are also known as trailers. 

Pre-built homes, also referred to as prefabricated homes, are usually less expensive than traditionally built homes. Some reasons for this are that the factories that build these houses tend to supply the materials in bulk.

They are also faster to build since you don’t have to worry about weather delays or delivery delays as everything is constructed in one factory.

This in turn reduces cost too. Some manufacturers have used a creative approach to construct some very quirky, lovely homes. So whether you are looking to downsize or find yourself a  little holiday getaway, we have picked out our favourite interesting tiny pre-built homes for you. 

1.Green Magic Homes


If you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings, then this is your chance to live like you’re in Hobbiton! Green Magic Homes cover their homes with soil and greenery which make them energy-efficient and energy-saving. Their aim is to promote wellness and appreciation of nature, as well as environmental awareness. Talk about a unique experience! 

2.The Mono By Drop Structures


As the name suggests, Drop Structures manufacture homes and then drop them wherever you like. You can feel at one with nature with these floor-to-ceiling windows right where your bed is. Imagine falling asleep staring at the stars, from your comfy little home.  Although they are manufactured in Canada, they can also be delivered to North America. 

3.Tiny House Trailers by Tiny House Builders 


This tiny living space by Tiny Home Builders is perfect if you want that cozy cabin feel on wheels. Designed by people who specialize in tiny houses, this trailer is built with safety at its forefront. If trailers are not what you are after, these manufacturers also build homes that aren’t on wheels. Best of both worlds! 

4.The Monroe by Tiny Cocoons. 


This simple and elegant tiny home features large windows on each side, making it the brightest area they’ve designed so far inside. Its cedar finish on the exterior gives it a cozy cabin feel. This company will also custom design their homes to your liking. 

5.Vista Boho by Escape Traveller 


This Vista Boho tiny house also has a cabin feel, much like our other options. This company bases its designs on light, openness, and space which is exactly what this little home has to offer. One added bonus is they are designed for extreme climates such as heat, snow, and the cold. No matter what the weather, you will always be protected. 

6.The Leola by Liberation Tiny Homes 


This tiny little loft-style home has 10 windows in its small size, which means one thing, brightness! If a cute bright space is what you’re after then this is the home for you. 

7.Mt Everest by Tiny Mountain Houses


Here we have another cabin feel. This rustic-looking tiny home by Tiny Mountain Houses has its own tiny porch! Built on a trailer, It sleeps two to four people and is perfect for couples or small families who are looking for something cozy. 

8.Lincoln Peak by Tiny Mountain Houses


Another wonderful home by Tiny Mountain Houses, and it’s not just the names of these trailers that we love. This vintage-style home has the perfect rustic feel to it. Its 18 feet gives you 210 square feet of space on the inside. This little home also has a cool barrel roof which gives it some edge. 

9.The Verve by Tru Form Tiny Models 


This little home by Tru Form Tiny Models has a quaint little boutique hotel feel to it. With its trendy light fixtures and little wood panelings, a lot of attention to detail has been used here making it a lovely little home to feel comfy in. You are also able to customize this model to your liking. 

10.Mi Pad by Wheelpad. 


What makes tiny homes by Wheelpad so special is that they are designed for people with reduced mobility. They offer a solution to those who need it. Their mini homes come perfectly equipped with what you need, and they are built on a trailer chassis so can be wheeled into place whenever needed. 

11.Home of Zen by Tiny Heirloom


This beautifully sleek tiny home comes with a rooftop deck, an outdoor living space to enjoy the view of the mountains. This build really earned its name as House of Zen with its spa-like bathroom. This is the perfect little home if you are in need of some relaxation. An added bonus…the interior stairs have lights! 

12.Tiny Adventure Home by Tiny Heirloom 


What sets this home aside from all others, is its climbing frame on its front walls! If you’ve got some active kids then this is the choice for you. Inside boasts a cozy rustic feel too. This would serve as a lovely holiday home for a family with children. 

13.Allwood Mayflower Cabin 


This unique little home is a modern interpretation of a wagon. This would look lovely in any garden or yard as a little guest house or a small home. It differs from the rest of the homes on this list as it comes with do-it-yourself instructions and minimal tools are needed. It states that two handy adults can build this, are you up for the challenge? 

14.Writers Haven by Jamaica Cottage Shop 


As a writer, I could definitely say this would be my haven. With a translucent roof and several windows, it allows an abundance of light to stream through.

This could be perfect for a little art studio, playhouse for children or storage shed. The only downside of this construction is that there are no toilet facilities so it wouldn’t be livable day and night. However, as stated earlier it would be a lovely extension to one’s home. 

15.k5 & K6 series by Kithaus


These little houses start off as blank spaces which you can customize within 235 to 330 square feet. You can pick and choose whatever features you like in order to make this the perfect space for you.

If you wanted a smaller kitchen in order to have a larger living space, that can be done for you here! 

16.The Mohican by Modern Tiny Living


This home was named one of the Top 25 Tiny Homes in the United States by VacationIdea.com and we can see why. It’s been beautifully designed, with a bright interior and big windows. This build has a certain beachy feel on the inside. 

17.Avon By Modern Tiny Living 


Another wonderful construction by Tiny Modern Living is the Avon. This home differs slightly as it is built as a rental unit, and so does not have as much storage space as our other options.

Despite this, it is still representative of this company’s beautiful designs and attention to detail. 

18.Cube Two X by  Nestron


What makes this option so interesting is its futuristic design. Its long paneled windows give you natural light and an opportunity to enjoy the view outside. What sets this option apart is its wet and dry bathroom area.

We’ve all struggled in a small bathroom, where everything gets wet.

This construction is the answer to that problem. Its layout is designed to separate the wet and dry zones, preventing unnecessary items from getting wet and preventing mold!

19.Legend Two by Nestron


Also by Nestron we have Legend two. This design has a cozier feel than the previous cube 2, as it incorporates classical elements into its design.

These include some wonderful french windows which allow you to appreciate the scenery from your doorstep. It has a less futuristic feel than the previous model on this list, so if you are after something slightly less modern and a bit cozier, this is the option for you. 

20.KODA Loft  By Kodasema 


This minimalist option is available worldwide. Weighing half of its original concrete house, this makes this option more available in more places as it’s easier to move around.

There is an outside ladder that acts as water drainage and a window on the back wall lets you enjoy the views of nature. 

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