20 Interesting Modular Tiny Homes

Tiny houses are sweeping not just the United States but the world. You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know what a tiny modular build is or isn’t impressed by one.

However, which are the most interesting tiny modular buildings? Which manages to gage the interest and inspire awe like no others?

Well, this piece will list 20 interesting tiny modular homes for you to gape in awe at and wish that you lived in them. 

These building can be found across the world and are truly incredible. They will ensure that you feel that you must go out and get a tiny home as soon as possible. 

1.Tiny House Scotland’s Homes

First off let’s start with a tiny house that is part of a design of tiny houses – the Tiny House from Tiny Houses Scotland. Tiny House Scotland is an incredible company that produces some of the most enchanting tiny modular homes you can come across. This red painted, barn inspired modular home is their standard and represents a company at the very cutting edge of making amazing houses. This tiny home is available to buy from Tiny Houses Scotland’s website and whilst limited at the moment to Scotland, these wonderful modular homes are likely to be popular across the world. 

2.K4 Series Tiny House from KitHaus

The K4 series Tiny House from KitHaus is an innovative and exciting example of what a great modular tiny home can look like. With its stunning wooden exterior, which is contrasted with its excellent use of light, the K4 Series Tiny House proves that KitHaus are at the top of the ladder when it comes to providing interesting modular tiny homes.

The use of LED lights throughout the home also adds to its unique and exciting interior which you can easily give your own special touch to. 

3.The Terranova Tiny Home from Green Magic Homes 

One of the things that often prompted people to buy tiny homes is that they are better for the environment than larger houses. This is because they emit fewer emissions than larger houses. They also keep heat better in the home and are less likely to result in heat emissions leaking out and causing heat pollution. 

This is all especially true of the Terranova Tiny House from the folks at Green Magic Homes. At Green Magic Homes, emphasis is placed on the environment whenever they build a modular tiny home. What is particularly interesting about these modular tiny homes is that they place great emphasis on combining cost efficiency with environmental concerns. 

This is why every Green Magic Home has its exterior covered with green plant life which not only helps promote a diverse range of plant life but also ensures that you can have natural insulation added to your home, meaning that you certainly won’t have to pay extra to heat your tiny home. 

The Terranova Tiny Home is particularly special as it has a specially built waterproof barrier, meaning that it can be easily erected near to water and not be easily damaged. 

4.The Wheel Pad Home 

Some of the best modular tiny homes are those that are made with those who have health concerns or veterans in mind. Such a home is Wheel Pad’s Tiny Modular Home. 

Specifically designed to help veterans and those elderly members of your family who might want to still maintain their independence but not want to live in too large a property, the easy layout and quick build mean that unlike other modular tiny homes which can take months to get built, the Wheel Pad tiny home can be erected in a matter of weeks meaning that your family member will soon feel at home. 

5.Alpha Tiny House from New Frontier Design 

The ambition of so many Americans is to feel like you are truly living the pioneering dream. To feel as if you are on the edge of civilization and that you are ready to do your bit in forging a new and great nation in the wilds of the American’ desert. 

Whilst you can’t really regain the spirit of the old prospectors (and more likely than not you wouldn’t want to) you can get a sense of it with the Alpha Tiny House from New Frontier Design.

 All of New Frontier Design’s tiny houses are inspired by the spirit of the old west, however the Alpha Tiny House is unlike any others in that it combines that spirit with innovative to make this a truly liveable tiny house. 

With its easy to fold out garage and full-size kitchen, this tiny house will give you a feeling of true comfort that the old pioneers could only dream of and does so whilst giving you a stylistic feel of what the real new frontier was like. 

6.Mono from Drop Solutions 

The Canadian company Drop Solutions knows how to ensure that you have a tiny modular home that stands out from other tiny modular homes. With the Mono home they have created a perfect blend between a strong and durable frame which makes you feel safe, with a stunning use of glass to allow for as much light as possible. 

The Mono is also interesting because it has a standing seam metal exterior which is not only great for making you feel safe and keeping heat in but also needs little to no maintenance, meaning you won’t have to spend hours trying to keep your tiny modular home looking great on the outside. 

7.Elegant Rustic Cabins 

The Elegant Rustic Cabins range of cabins is perfect if you want to have a tiny modular home that stands out. Whilst Elegant Rustic Cabins ensure that their modular homes are tiny, they also make sure that they utilise space well to ensure that you feel truly comfortable when relaxing in one of their evocative homes. 

In particular the ERC-100 and the ERC-101 make the best use of space so that you can feel fully relaxed in your tiny modular home, wherever it is. 

8.Park Model Tiny Home from Tru Form Tiny

Some people love tiny modular homes because they give them somewhere to escape to so that they don’t feel like the walls are closing in on them in a more traditional home or at the office. 

Such a fascinating tiny home is the Park Model Tiny Home from Tru Form Tiny. With the emphasis on space, much of which is cleverly hidden throughout the property, this is a tiny home in which you can truly relax. 

Combined with its excellent on demand heated water and a wood stand rough in, allowing you to instal your own wood stove to cook to warm yourself whilst looking at beautiful fall weather, this a tiny home that you will love to bring your friends and family to. 

9.Canada Goose from Mint Tiny Homes 

Canada produces some truly great tiny homes and the Canada Goose tiny home is one of the finest. Its gorgeous Canadian goose colored exterior gives it a truly natural feel, one that will make you feel like you are living amongst nature wherever you are. 

This is combined with a stylish and spacious interior, simplistic enough that if you want to add your own twist to it you easily can. The Canada Goose can also fit six to eight people meaning you’ll be sure to have a great time chatting and discussing where you want to go and what exciting things you’d like to do. 

10.Heritage from Tiny Heirloom

Finding a tiny modular home that fits in with what you feel are America’s traditions can be tough. It can be even tougher when you feel as if many of the modular homes that are on the market don’t reflect what you need – a combination of American traditions with some fantastic modern conveniences. 

Luckily for you the Heritage tiny home from Tiny Heirloom is the perfect home for you. With its easy accessibility to the internet, its satellite ready capacity and its inbuilt water heaters and closed cell foam spray in the walls and ceiling, this is a home that will give you all the luxury of modern life with the style of America’s past. 

11.Tumbleweed II Home from Pratt Homes 

When you want to feel truly at home with your landscape, you need a tiny modular home that fits in perfectly with it. Such a tiny modular home is the Tumbleweed II from Pratt Homes.

Based out of Texas, Pratt Homes is a company designed to give you the very best modular homes you could find. Their Tumbleweed II home is perfectly designed for the Texas sun but can easily be transported to any part of the USA. 

The Tumbleweed II is particularly interesting because of its spacious loft, designed to ensure that you can do whatever you like with it. Pratt Homes know that with tiny homes, giving the owner as much space as possible is crucially important which is why they have gone above and beyond to ensure that is the case. 

12.Koto Abodu Cabin 

Tiny Homes know how to be truly different from other homes and the Koto Abodu Cabin is exactly that. Inspired by some of the most luxurious log cabins of Scandinavia, this California inspired cabin is designed to peak any tiny home enthusiast’s interest. 

Based on classic Scandi ideas as to how to build a log cabin, the collaboration between British company Koto and US based Abodu has led to the creation of a tiny house that succinctly fuses the styles of Scandinavia and California, embracing the materials of Scandinavia and the open space design of California to create a truly unique tiny home. 

13.Cabin One Homes

The use of sustainable materials makes Cabin One’s homes perfect for anyone who is a fan of tiny homes. The need to have a more environmentally sustainable material used for a home is crucial to all manufacturers of tiny homes and Cabin One is no exception.

With their emphasis on space and environmental wellbeing, the Cabin One homes are perfect for the environmentally minded tiny home owner. Thanks to the wood and aluminium designed windows which are triple glazed, you won’t lose any heat from this home nor will you accidentally contribute to heat and light pollution. 

14.Avarme Duo Tiny House 

One of the most important aspects of a tiny home is its design. Owners like to have a home that is visually eye-catching, that is certain to draw people’s attention to it. The Avarme Duo Tiny Home will certainly do that. Its design also ensures that it not only helps the environment but also conserves energy to keep your bills down. 

The A shaped frame of the Avarme Duo is specifically designed to ensure heat doesn’t escape your home and also ensures that the home blends more naturally in with its surrounding environments.

One of the things that harms trees more than many people are aware of is the actual shapes of homes, because they don’t fit naturally into the landscape and can often prevent sunlight getting to trees and other plants. 

The Avarme Duo doesn’t do this however, ensuring that your natural surroundings will approve of your choice of tiny home. 

15.Green Canopy Node Homes 

Node Homes know how to make truly striking tiny modular homes which emphasise the importance of environmentally helpful building materials for homes. 

The Green Canopy range from Node is designed to be Net Zero Energy ready, which means that it can generate its own energy thanks to energy generated by solar panels. This combined with the rain collection system ensures that you can be effectively self sufficient whilst living in one of these fantastic tiny modular homes. 

16.System 001 Backcountry Hut Company 

Whilst System 001 might sound far from the most exciting name, the Backcountry Hut Company’s stylish tiny modular home is exactly what you need if you want to live somewhere idyllic and peaceful. 

The fluidity of the System 001’s style means that it can be easily opened up during the summer months and closed off when winter arrives, meaning you can truly make the most of your landscape. Its combination of simplistic country living with all the latest economical and ecologically minded modern conveniences means that this is a home that you can truly enjoy living in. 

It’s easy to construct an outer shell which required no mechanical tools also means you can get your modular home up and running as soon as you wish. 

17.Monocabin Mandalake Studios

Canada and the United States aren’t the only countries to be mad for tiny modular homes – the Monocabin by Italian based Mandalake Studios is a testament to European sophistication and innovation. 

The elegantly designed white exterior can look as good in Europe as it does anywhere else in the world and its strong coloring is sure to make it stand out to any visitors. This is combined with Mandalake Studio’s patented smart wall which combines electricity, water heating, air conditioning and extra storage into one wall meaning that you have greater space and can control all your amenities in one area whenever you want. 

18.MADI Home Flatpack Houses

What makes MADI homes so interesting is their flexibility. MADI work tirelessly with their clients to ensure that the rooms are of the exact size and shape that they want them to be. The effort to ensure as much customisation as possible is one of the reasons that MADI’s homes are so popular with people across the world. The ability to choose your own materials is another part of MADI’s appeal and will ensure that your home is exactly how you want it. 

19.The Indigo Cabin by Woodpioners 

The artful combination of light and space that characterises the Indigo Cabin is what makes it so special. The minimal environmental impact of the Indigo Cabin allows it to almost seamlessly blend into the background of any area in which it is erected. 

The prefabricated elements that make up the Indigo Cabin are characterized by a fixed bend, allowing for a free division of the floor plan between the floor and the walls which can easily be adjusted to fit the requirements of whoever is living in the home. 

20.Ark Shelter 

Created because its creators believe that too often people are becoming slaves to their own sense, the Ark Shelter is designed to keep you in touch with nature. Its simplistic design allows you to use it for whatever you want to – whether to work in solitude, relax in comfort, or just live disconnected from the world, the Ark Shelter can do all these things. 

With no fixed foundations the Ark Shelter can easily be transported exactly where you want it to be, and its light framework ensures that it will not prove a great difficulty to move. If you want to feel truly alone then the Ark Shelter is exactly what you need. 

Why Tiny Modular Homes Are Great 

As this piece has hopefully illustrated, tiny homes can be a true god send. They can give you somewhere to relax, somewhere to feel truly at home and somewhere where you can get away from everything and feel at one with nature.

Their emphasis on excellent, environmentally safe designs means that they are the kind of homes that we need to see more of in the future and the sort of homes that we should all aspire to have. 

Whichever tiny modular home you decide to make yours, don’t delay in getting one as the longer you delay the more you’ll regret not being able to be in a truly fantastic home environment. 

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