20 Interesting Custom Tiny Homes

In recent years people have been embracing the tiny house movement, with people all over the world making this lifestyle change and moving to, or even building their own tiny home.

Tiny houses have become popular because they are cheaper to live in than regular homes, with the cost of electricity, gas, and water being far lower.

And if the space is planned and decorated correctly, you may not even remember that you are in a tiny home when you stand inside. 

Here are the best tiny homes we could find that show you that you don’t need a big house to have a good quality of life. All of these were custom designed by the residents or businesses in the area, making each one stunningly unique. 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own tiny home, or are dreaming of living this lifestyle, here are the best custom tiny homes.  

1.Cabin In The Snow


If you love the idea of staying in a cozy cabin on cold winters days then this is the design for you. While typically bigger than the usual tiny homes we see nowadays, you can’t deny that this design is beautiful. What makes this chalet-inspired cabin even more interesting is that the design for it was originally made in 1934! This classic design would make a great choice for your home. 

2.Living In The Trees


 If you’re not scared of heights and want to live closer to nature then a treehouse is the choice for you. This cabin on stilts was designed by Joni Lay, a designer herself, and built by her father. The cabin was made for her children so that they could spend their summers outdoors. 

3.Backyard Barn


This cute little barn is the perfect hideaway if you want to get away from the world for a while. This rustic barn is currently being used as a small art studio, but it can easily be transformed into a functional tiny home if the owners wanted. Right now though, the owner is happy to keep it as an artists retreat for her and her daughter. 

4.The Sea Life


This sea shack is perfect if you love the sound of the waves and being near the water. The beautiful and rustic design gives the shack a wether-worn look, though it is very sturdy against the temperamental beach weather. Living in a place like this would be perfect if you love any sea sports, or just like being on the beach. 

5.Greenhouse In The Trees


This design might be one of the more unique on our list. Every wall of this cabin is made of windows, 75 in total were salvaged for the project. This patchwork quilt style of windows means that the interior is stunningly light, and they have panoramic views of the forest around them. If they get bored at looking at trees though, then they can admire the windows themselves, as each one is unique with their own designs. 

6.Cute Cottage


The cottagecore lifestyle is very trendy right now. This is a design trend that calls back to a simpler way of life when we were closer to nature and lived more off of the land.

It’s a romantic idea of what the past was like without modern technology. The design of this cabin fits exactly into the cottagecore lifestyle. If you want to get away from the modern world for a while then this is the design choice for you. 

7.Shed Redesign


This tiny home has just 250 square feet of space, yet it is still able to fit two rooms inside. Made by combining two 100 year old sheds, the interior has a shared kitchen/living area and a small bathroom.

It comes will all the utilities you need like a full working kitchen. What’s even more amazing is that the whole project only took four months to complete. 

8.House On Wheels 


 If you want to travel around the county but don’t like the thought of staying in cheap motels then you’d love this luxury home on wheels. Inspired by farmhouses, this home features four rooms packed into just 192 square feet of space. You won’t have to skip out on any home comforts thanks to this house, which even features a laundry machine! 

9.Dreamy Treehouse 


The treehouse style of tiny homes is very popular at the moment, and after looking at this house it’s easy to see why. This adorable little treehouse features a living room, bedroom, and office area, so you have the opportunity to work amongst nature. The deck on the outside is a nice touch, providing space for small gatherings or parties. 

10.Downsides American Home


Designed in the style of traditional American homes, this tiny house has just 970 square feet of space but is still able to fit in everything you need to live comfortably. It even has a pantry! This home, built-in 1890, was originally the home of the gardener who lived on the property. 

11.Wood Cabin On Stilts 


This reclaimed wood cabin is made out of reusable materials, or items that have been fashioned into other things. The dining set for example is made out of old boats that were heading to the scrapyard. Many of the windows are also salvages, with them coming from an old church. This cabin makes use of all of its space, with a pretty deck area being built under the cabin itself. And for added fun, you can slide down to land instead of taking the stairs.

12.A-Frame Cabin


This unique A-frame cabin design was built in just 3 weeks. Though a holiday retreat rather than a permanent home, this cabin is a wonderful place to spend a relaxing weekend. The interior features a large double bed, and the windows give you beautiful views of the forest around you. The whole cabin is also solar-powered to make it eco-friendly. 

13.Old Blue Chair House 


Made by the same company as the A-frame cabin, this small farmhouse has many handcrafted features like its dutch-door and deck. It features all of the comforts you need, like a spacious bathroom and lofts for the bedrooms. If you want to get cozy, you can sit in the snug little reading nook under the stairs and curl up with your favorite book. 

14.Cabin With Greenhouse 


While it’s true that this house is larger than many tiny homes on this list, many of the features on the outside are detachable, making it much easier to travel with this house. The greenhouse and porch can be removed if necessary, but they add a lot of charm to the house. The greenhouse also proves a good space for the owners to grow their own food. 

15.The Tiniest House 


With just 100 square feet of space, can you believe that a whole home can fit into this tiny cabin?  In this space, you will find a fully functional kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area. Known as the Nugget, this design takes tiny homes to the extreme but shows that with the right design you can achieve anything.  

16.Cottage On Wheels


This little cottage on wheels has 269 square feet of floor space for you to use. The bay windows allow for 360 views of your area, and the inside has enough room for a small kitchen and living space, as well as a little bedroom. It also has a cute little corner porch. 

17.Farmhouse Fashion


Called the Ceder Mountain Tiny House, this home was clearly inspired by traditional farmhouses, but the design has been updated to give you modern comforts. The outside makes it look deceptively small, but inside you will find a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom all squeezed in. The home is manly made out of repurposed or salvaged materials like subway tile, reclaimed wood, and shiplap walls. 

18.Modern Farmhouse 


Like treehouses, farmhouse-style tiny homes are very popular. This design comes in two sizes, 20 feet, and 26 feet, so you can decide how much room you need. This home is long rather than wide and has an interior similar to that of an RV, but a really nice RV at that. It has all of the amenities you could need, like a functional kitchen and bathroom. There are also two bedrooms in this house, one at the back, and one in the loft, with both being able to fit a Queen sized bed. 

19.Pequod House 


Named after the ship from Moby Dick, you can clearly see how the ocean inspired the design of this home, especially in its roof. Inside this home is two floors of space, which includes a sleeping area, living area, bathroom, and laundry machine. 

20.Bright And Colorful Home 


Who said that tiny homes have to have plain, boring colors. While neutral tones are very in right now, the owner of this home decided to go in completely the opposite direction to make her home even more unique. Made from two mobile trailers, this home has a very large feeling interior despite the small size of the home overall, with the colors helping to open up the space. 

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