20 Great Portable Tiny Homes

The price of living seems to be on the increase, so it isn’t surprising that many people are finding ways to downsize and save some precious cash.

Small portable homes are becoming increasingly popular, and having the ability to move your home around creates the freedom to explore the world and live a nomadic lifestyle. 

You may feel that a portable home just wouldn’t work for you, but you’ll be surprised at how comfortable they can be and the options available to make them fabulous.

With the right skills and research, it’s possible to build or buy a tiny home that will save you money and provide everything you need and more. 

1. Napa Tiny House


This portable home has everything you would need for a comfortable home. It’s fully equipped with a variety of features. The Mint Tiny House Company has created this stylish home. Each home is customizable and can be used as extra space in the garden, an additional bedroom for kids or hitched onto the back of a truck for life on the move. 

The interiors are modern and have a selection of windows, minimizing the claustrophobic feeling that can arise in some small homes. The kitchen has all amenities you require for cooking an awesome meal and the bathroom is compact with everything you’d find in a full-sized bathroom (except a full-sized bath).

Steps lead up to a cozy sleeping area ideal for relaxing after a long day’s work or travelling. 

2. Contemporary Home Kit


This unique tiny house is a ‘build your own’ option. You’d think ‘build your own’ was reserved for bears and gingerbread men, but no, you CAN build your own house. There are various kits available depending on your specific needs. You simply choose your home from an online retailer, and it arrives through your door (so to speak). 

Kits are available from 60 square feet (5.57 m²) up to 1000. They are really easy to build and come with full instructions and materials. You can choose the style, either traditional or contemporary, with whatever amenities you feel you require.

3. Sakarya, Turkey


This gorgeous tiny home is cozy yet contemporary. The high ceiling of the mobile home enables you to walk freely without bumping your head and has a spacious feel. The open plan feature helps you forget you are in a portable home and offers the space you require for kitchen utensils as well as other storage.

4. Lisa’s Tiny Home

Source: //www.100daysofrealfood.com/new-tiny-house-kitchen/

This cute little house is a mere 300 square feet (ca. 28 m²) and the designer has ensured it has a superb kitchen area ideal for hosting dinner parties and cooking up culinary delights. Plenty of windows are in this little home, making it a spacious and lovely home. 

5. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home


This 450 square foot (ca. 42 m²) house is bigger than most but still portable, and you can easily forget you are living in a house that moves. Its eco-friendly design uses sustainable energy and is built with recycled materials, helping you reduce your carbon footprint. 

6. Joe’s Truck House


This tiny truck house owned by Joe is home to Joe and his daughter. It has a kitchen, dining area, sleeping quarters as well as a living and working space. Solar panels on the roof provide electricity, and he has all he needs in the truck. But most of all, he has freedom to see the world with a daughter; what a great life! 

7. Off-Grid Luton Van Tiny Home


8. ELM Tumbleweed Houses

A luton van turned into a mini palace! Maybe a slight exaggeration, but this little portable home is a lovely space with a bright interior. It even has a tiny log burner for cozying up in the evening wherever you end up !


9. Erin’s Tiny House

Ever wanted to design your own house? Tumbleweed houses offer fully custom-made houses built to your specifications. There are several l size options and the little wooden homes are fully portable. 


10. ABATON Portable Home

This tiny house trailer was built by ‘tinyhousebasics’. It has an ultra modern interior, and it is amazing how much has been squeezed into the tiny space. The kitchen has everything that would be needed such as a fridge freezer, washer dryer and integrated oven. The loft space occupies a gorgeous sleeping space that’s cozy and compact. 

The huge windows mean the house has plenty of light and a light and airy feel. In addition, there is a flat screen TV attached to the wall and an electric simulated fire underneath for keeping warm during cold winter nights. 


11. McKenzie Tiny Home

An architecturally brilliant house, this portable home on wheels is a bright and happy space with a wall of windows. It’s best positioned facing south to enjoy the glorious sunshine on bright days. 

Designed by Abaton, this little home is the perfect residence for 2 people and can be transported anywhere. It’s simple, sturdy and provides a wonderful environmentally friendly home. 


12. Ecocapsule Home

This trailer is a compact little number with a natural wooden design. It’s been created for the nomadic adventurer. It has a full-size bed/lounge and plenty of storage underneath the trailer.  The attractive wood creates a bright atmosphere and a sense of bringing the outside in. 


If you’re thinking ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Back To The Future’ you’re not far wrong (except the time travelling bit) this is the tiniest of the tiniest portable homes and is the first ecocapsule home developed. This tiny egg-shaped dwelling is the ultimate eco-friendly house and is completely solar powered. 

You may be surprised to know that this little home packs a lot into a tiny space. It has a double bed, kitchenette, bathroom with shower, toilet, and plenty of storage space. With its solar output and turbine, it’s possible to live totally off grid. It even has a built-in infiltration system. 

13. Widebeam Boat


Portable on water, this classy, spacious boat offers comfort and a contemporary environment. It has an open-plan kitchen area with plenty of storage and drawers. The sleek living area has a corner sofa in a light color positioned near a flat screen TV and opposite a cozy wood burner. The shiny roof reflects light from the well-placed window.  This boat is ideal for a life on the water. 

14. Horse Trailer Tiny Home


What could this be? This gorgeous little space has been made out of a horse box. Although tiny, it has character and has cute little windows for fresh air to circulate. Who’d have thought you could reside in a horse box! Well you can, thanks to clever architects, this is yet another unique option for living. 

15. Zeena’s DIY Tiny Home


This tiny house is home to a couple who now live totally off grid. The house is 360 square, is packed full of charm and provides a cost-effective option for living with minimal outgoings. It has several bright windows and a charming beam like structure at the top.

This home is environmentally friendly with large solar panels on the top. Perfect if you want to do your bit to reduce damage to the planet. 

16. School Bus Tiny Home


All aboard! This fabulous little home is a converted school bus. Impressed? We were, and so had to include it in this list.  It’s stylish and full of charm. In addition, the available space is utilized perfectly.  It’s easy to fit in a sofa and narrow table and chairs. The table extends on both sides, meaning you can still have visitors. There is plenty of hidden storage, so no need to give up the little luxuries in life. 

The bus has a fantastic skylight that adds brightness to the entire space. 

17. Sprinter Camper Van 


For the nomad traveler, van dwelling is simple and stress-free. Although compact, this tiny van is equipped with double bed storage and adequate kitchen facilities. Decorated with pretty lights, the Mercedes van provides a welcome break from a day’s travelling. 

18. Upper Valley Tiny Homes


Take your home with you wherever you go with this super efficient dwelling. This 26 inch (0.66 m) house has a 1000 watt solar kit with 50 gallon (0.19 m³) water tanks and composting toilet. Do your bit to save the planet and live off grid, away from the rat race!

A massive benefit of this home is that it is compatible with an electric powered car and can be charged using the solar panel from the kit. Saving money on living expenses, this little home provides the ultimate way of being free and exploring the world. 

19. Wooden Camping Trailer


This beautiful camping trailer is the perfect combo for a travelling vehicle and relaxing home. Made of wood, it has a natural interior and when grounded has the benefit of an additional outside seating space to create a cute veranda for relaxing in the sun. 

20. Narrowboat Tiny Home


A retro boat house will be the envy of all your friends and family. This cute little boat home is decorated with modern furniture and square lines, pastel colors provide a feeling of space and light. 

There are no end of options for decorating this space. Bring some luxury to your small space by adding rich red throws and cushions, or embrace your inner hippy with wall rugs, candles, and plants. The options are endless. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these beautiful portable tiny homes, and it’s given you some inspiration and encouragement to embrace nomad living. 

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