20 Cool Porch Ideas For Mobile Homes

These are 20 cool porch ideas for RVs and Mobile Homes, with some quirky and unique options. 

Tiny homes and mobile living is growing in popularity, which is one of the reasons why more people are building porches for their mobile homes. The added shelter from the weather makes a great space to greet guests, for children to play, or to simply watch the world go by.

With the modern world making more noise within the media through advertisement and promotions, stripping things back and adopting a simpler lifestyle is becoming more appealing to people.

If you have a mobile home and want to create a porch area, or even if you want to add a personal touch to your porch, these are some cool porch ideas for mobile homes. 

The purpose of a porch can vary between groups of people, which is why we’ve got a variety of options to choose from. Some cool porch ideas focus on practicality, while others are better for offering a warm, inviting welcome.

Mobile homes can be divided into two categories, RVs and Tiny Houses. RVs offer ease of movement and camping on the road, while tiny houses that are often towed behind cars can be fixed into the ground on their own.

This article divides some of the best porch ideas for mobile homes into two, and offers a range of different options that are bound to have a choice for anyone.

From traditional to more unique and modern, there is a variety of designs and layouts that are demonstrated below. One of the benefits of a porch is that the space is generally multifunctional. 


1. RV Screen Room

RV Screen Room
Source: https://pin.it/7kjCZpw

This is a great option for those who move around a lot, as it can be a collapsible multipurpose space. The screens offer privacy and protection from the sun as well as bugs. It can double the area in which you are camping in and even provide additional shelter for family members. 

2.Tent Canopy Porch

Tent Canopy Porch
Source: https://pin.it/52pQshu

Another way to ensure shelter, and protection from insects is this canopy mechanism that is easy to pack away and doesn’t need tools to assemble. This can act as a porch for RV setups, as well as allowing you to build a tent inside. The aim of this design is to allow for comfort and added protection. 

3. Screen House

Screen House
Source: https://pin.it/3Jkt3bm

This is a family room that is completely magnetic, which means that it has a very simple assembly. The space itself is great for a porch in front of your mobile home, or can act as a place to eat meals in when you are camping. 

4. Traditional Style 

Traditional Style 
Source: https://pin.it/4B5knaR

Another porch that has been demonstrated in RV use is this more permanent option. It takes on some of the properties that are seen in tiny homes, and uses the awning for shelter. 

Tiny Homes 

These are some less mobile options that can be more customizable and offer a more welcoming space. 

5. Mobile Home Porch

5. Mobile Home Porch
Source: https://pin.it/427I8NP

This porch idea offers multiple entry points to allow more accessibility to wheelchair users. It is a smaller design than some, but still has enough space for a comfortable seating area. 

6. Minimal Porch 

Minimal Porch
Source: https://pin.it/2aAT4Mr

This is an extremely minimal version of the traditional porch, and it is still highly impactful regardless of its smaller size. The front steps draw you in, and the warmth of the darker wood demonstrates the impact that style choices can have. 

7. Wrap Around Porch

Wrap Around Porch
Source: https://pin.it/1k1FGlN

For larger mobile homes, porches can add a different kind of impact. Make the front space more inviting with a well-designed porch, and children will love running around the area.

It can also prove beneficial to build a porch around the perimeter of your mobile home that catches the sun during the evenings. That way, your porch can double up as a sun deck. 

8. Sheltered Porch 

Sheltered Porch 
Source: https://pin.it/59UILPV

This concept uses multiple materials to create more shelter from the weather. However, we particularly like the way it has an uncovered area on the far end. It almost acts as two different rooms in this way.

Something that is especially interesting is the way that this porch design can be used in all types of weathers. The owners are really getting their money’s worth out of it! 

9. Sleek Design

Sleek Design
Source: https://pin.it/4Wis7Cx

A modern twist on the traditional porch configuration has been demonstrated here. Using different shades of wood and metal instead of the usual picket fence-style railings has made a big impact. There is plenty of space, and the way that the steps gradually get narrower offers a new addition to the traditional mobile home scene. 

10. Bold and Dramatic 

Bold and Dramatic
Source: https://pin.it/5DhNECh

This is a unique way to make your mobile home more impactful. The symmetry here and central steps create a dramatic entrance that is elegant and stylish. Depending on the space around your entrance, it might not necessarily be achievable, but it is definitely highly impactful when it can be done. 

11. Additional Levels

Additional Levels
Source: https://pin.it/2OmhK7E

Another way in which porches have been used to create a different type of welcome is through the use of different platforms.

Wooden decking has been used here to make a stage-like area that children can play on, or people can sit on when the sun is out. Not only does it add another dimension to the porch, but it adds to the square footage of the area and encourages more people to stop by. 

12. Open Space

Open Space
Source: https://pin.it/1dc3aQy

This layout provides a useful picnic area as well as the traditional greeting space. There is enough space for a couple of groups, so it would be perfect for larger groups or families. 

13. Corner Porch

Corner Porch
Source: https://pin.it/7yZCbdB

This is another spin on the classic porch style, and offers the widest entrance for ease of access. In addition to this, this layout demonstrates the use of multiple porches that serve different purposes. In the background of the image, there is a small porch made out of darker wood. This might be a great addition if your mobile home has multiple access points that are used often. 

14. Covered Deck

Covered Deck
Source: https://pin.it/7KY2V0V

Smaller but still impactful, this design emphasizes the minimalist concept, and demonstrates how simple doesn’t always mean less unique. The open design and addition of a comfortable rocking chair allows people to appreciate the little things in life and encourages you to slow down. 

15. Sheltered Decking Area

Sheltered Porch 
Source: https://pin.it/5m8aqna

This design features simplistic materials to keep the residents connected to nature. The corrugated clear plastic allows rainfall to make ambient sounds while enjoying the shelter and warmth from the mobile home. 

16. Warm Welcome 

Warm Welcome 
Source: https://pin.it/OYvQYCp

Wood has been used here to make a cozy feel and grand entrance on this mobile home. The height achieved adds an element of class, and the combination of the stone on the beams creates depth. 

17. Long Porches

Long Porches
Source: https://pin.it/2Ye2hsG

Symmetry can be highly impactful, as this porch shows how a middle entrance way allows for a welcoming feel that is exaggerated by the wooden framing of the porch on either side. 

18. Ranch Style

Ranch Style
Source: https://pin.it/BsR2hui

More of a traditional front porch, the ranch style is still widely used today. This is because of the shelter provided by the angled roof and raised decking. It adds more dimension to a mobile home and makes it feel inviting. Not to mention the huge amounts of storage that comes with installing one of these porches. 

19. Porch on the Ground

Porch on the Ground
Source: https://pin.it/7euICNc

This is a more accessible configuration that invites people in by being on the same level as them. Of course, there is the concern over less weather protection during heavy rainfall or flooding, however there is definitely something unique about this porch. 

20. Small but Mighty

Small but Mighty
Source: https://pin.it/4M38kso

Finally, this design adds elegance and class to any mobile home. The traditional design adds functionality and symmetry, which makes it the perfect area for watching the world go by. The added shelter from the roof makes it the perfect spot for some of your more delicate plants. 

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration for your porch and how you can make it more interesting, or even what kind of design you want to have built.

Porches can benefit mobile home users within fixed dwellings because it adds another space in which they can relax and greet people.

Not only that, but different designs offer different things. Children can enjoy the different forms of entrance and exits, or even have their own designated area in which to play. 

One of the great things about designing a front porch is that it can be completely custom, and you can create a space that works for you and your mobile home.

There are so many variables to choose from nowadays that it can seem overwhelming at first. That is why we recommend you speak with a contractor or building company to discuss your options. 

In summary, your porch can be as fixed or permanent as you like, and it is up to you to decide what you want to use the space for.

Whether you want it to be lower and based on the ground, have another platform, or raised to the same level as the front door, it all depends on your preferences and how you want to use it. 

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