20 Awesome Triple Wide Mobile Homes

For some people, living in a mobile home is a way of life as well as a choice. Some people just love them, but then again, others need more space.

Love mobile homes but have a big family or a vast collection of books that require housing? You might just love triple wide mobile homes. Made of three separate modules, they provide plenty of square footage for your buck.

20 Awesome Triple Wide Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are generally much cheaper to build and buy than timber-framed and brick houses. That is why more and more people are investigating the mobile home and modular home market as a way to cope with rising house prices. Just because they’re cheaper, it doesn’t mean they don’t deliver, though.

Mobile homes ensure you’ll never have to worry about being too close to your neighbors. They’re always detached, which is good to know if you want a little space and privacy. They are also pretty well insulated and efficient to run, which is great news for your utilities.

So, if you’re interested in mobile homes, but not necessarily in living a super-compact lifestyle, then here are twenty of our favorite triple wide mobile homes and manufactured modular homes for you to look at.

This isn’t a triple wide shopping list, but it should show you examples of what is out there and get your imagination flowing as to what can be achieved with a little customization and creativity.

1. Triple wide modular 2360 square foot. We’ve known timber-framed family homes with less square footage than this one. It just goes to show that living in a mobile home doesn’t have to confine you to compact living. Plenty of room for a small family and more wallet-friendly than a traditionally built house.

2. This looks like the perfect American dream home. Who would know it was a mobile home?

We especially love the little sun nook on the left side. Would you put your breakfast table in there, or a sitting room to soak up the afternoon sun? Either way, your pot plants would have more than enough light in this adorable slice of suburban style.

3. Who doesn’t love a good porch? It’s not the biggest porch on our list, but we do think that having one makes a mobile home look so much more presentable.

This picture also draws focus to what the house looks like with the underneath exposed. We advise that you definitely opt for some kind of siding or covering for the underside of the mobile home, no one likes the look of concrete blocks. That’s just one way you can make a mobile house, a perfect mobile home.

4. Four bedroom 3,116 Sq Ft triple wide modular home. If four bedrooms sound good to you, you couldn’t go wrong with this one.

A dual aspect porch means you can enjoy the best of the sunshine and the shade throughout the day. This unobtrusive-looking mobile home would fit in just about anywhere.

5. Who says living in a mobile home means you have to compromise on space? There’s nothing little about the one. There are plenty of windows to make the inside light and airy, and as you know, good lighting makes everything look bigger.

6. The Woodridge. Sweet and simple. We like that cute shade of blue too. A garage is a helpful addition to a triple wide mobile home, although they’re often left off as unnecessary.

If compact living is what you’re after, then you probably wouldn’t be looking at triple wides. So opting for the garage is a sensible choice for storage and as well as keeping your car safe.

7. Loving the brick effect on here. Makes a change from all the usual wood panel siding. The double aspect porch means you’re sure to be able to enjoy either a sunset or a morning sunrise from there.

Something you might want to consider when placing your mobile home is which direction is the afternoon sun coming from?

8. This one is more square-shaped than some others, but seriously spacious too by the looks of it.

9. This triple wide home has something special. We love the starburst over the central window. We can’t say we’re convinced by that particular shade of green, though.

10. Two levels? Yes, please. There’s no rule that says mobile homes have to be on just one level. It’s not all that usual, though.

11. It just proves it’s all about the landscape and the landscaping. We wouldn’t mind living next to that view, but the house is nice too.

12. Three-bed Redbird home. This one even has a garage attached. That’ll come in handy.

13. This definitely has the wow factor. The dormer window is a lovely touch of family-style elegance, and the double-ended porch is a lovely touch to make it look positively high-end.

This one looks more like a custom-built dream house than a pre-fabricated mobile home. That’s what you want, though, a house that looks like a house and not like a trailer.

14. It’s a long one! Rather you than us if the laundry room is the other side of the house to the bedrooms. That’s a long walk to put clothes away. Then again, you can’t deny that there is some serious space in this plot, so if space is what you’re after, this definitely fits the bill.

15. What a quaint not-so-little mobile home. These homes don’t look massive, but they go back quite a long way as well as being fairly long. If you’ve ever been inside a double or triple wide mobile home, you’ll know just how spacious they can actually be and feel.

16. Neat and tidy. What could be better? This little family home is just missing a white picket fence to make it totally perfect.

17. We can’t get enough of the natural stone and wide wood columns. An open-plan porch like this is so country-chic. We just love it.

18. This has got to be one of our favorites. We hope you’ve got a gadget for reaching those top windows for cleaning with this one. Or maybe you would just get someone in to do it.

We’re not sure climbing a ladder that high to clean the windows is worth it, but it sure does make a statement. ‘Contemporary luxury’ could be the label to go with this one.

19. Loving the window features and back porch on this one. Quaint little brick features like the ones over the front window can make a mobile home look so much like a traditionally built house.

20. This one is actually a remodel. What a great job they’ve done. Renovating a used mobile home is a perfectly acceptable way to get the house that you want without paying through the roof.

No one would turn their nose up at a second-hand house, so no one should shy away from getting a pre-owned mobile home. They’re more durable than people think and last a good while with proper maintenance, just like any house.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is A Triple Wide Mobile Home?

Triple wide mobile homes can vary in price just like anything else. Factors you’ll need to consider when choosing one are where you live as there tend to be different providers and manufacturers in different regions and also whether you want to buy new.

Some people make an excellent investment in flipping mobile homes, so there are plenty of used ones on the market that are in great condition. You might want to renovate one yourself. That could save you some money, but definitely not time.

Generally speaking, a triple wide mobile home can cost in the region of about $100,000. But, as we say, this can vary. Adding customizations onto the floor plan from a manufactured home can ramp up the price, but most still say that it’s cheaper than building or buying a traditional house.

How Many Bedrooms Do Triple Wide Mobile Homes Have?

This is a hard question to answer since there are so many variations in floor plans.

Generally, you could expect a standard mobile home to have one or two bedrooms, while a double wide could have 3 or even four. A triple wide home can have anything from 2 to 6 bedrooms, but it’s not all about the bedrooms.

Triple wides could have as many as four bathrooms, which is a serious consideration for families. It’s not just about the number of rooms, though. As with any property, you’ll also need to consider the size of the rooms and the layout of them.

A triple wide with two bedrooms should mean that those bedrooms are pretty spacious. It depends on what you want, but there are lots of options out there in terms of layouts and floor plans.

How Wide Is A Triple Wide Mobile Home?

Suitable for big families, triple wide mobile homes can range between 1,600 and 2,400 square feet of cozy home space. It’s not so much a question of how wide they are, but how big. Triple wides can be square-shaped or long.

The main thing to understand is that they are called triple wides because they are built in three pieces, so they can travel on three separate trucks. That’s how they’re mobile. There’s no way most triple wide mobile homes could fit on one truck without seriously blocking up the roads and knocking down some trees.

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