20 Awesome Tiny Container Homes

If you are looking for cute and inspirational ideas to build your own tiny container home, then look no further for some weird and wonderful designs. Here, we have piled together some of the most amazing and jaw dropping container homes that are small enough to fit in your own backyard. 

So it back and start taking notes for your mood board – here are 20 awesome tiny container homes for you to take inspiration from when designing and building your very own.

Blue Dream


This beautiful blue container home is so small yet it makes use of outdoor space so well. You can slip inside for some rest and to use the bathroom facilities, but also sit outside and enjoy the fresh air while you cook on an open campfire. This design makes great use of limited space but still looks modern and cosy.

The icing on top is the color – who needs fancy decorations when just a single simple color is enough of a statement on its own? So make use of the limited space you have as no container is too small.

Modern Style

Modern Style

It is a bar? Is it a home? No – it’s both! If you want a container home that is modern and well ventilated, why not consider installing a window that can drop and become a bartop with the touch of a button?

This container manages to fit a kitchen, a living/sleeping space, and bathroom facilities without compromising on style or class. This modern container home is awesome for how it utilizes space and features to maximize your living experience.

Enjoy hot days with the large windows and doors wide open, or shut them to snuggle up when colder temperatures set in. 

Livin’ Off The Grid

Livin' Off The Grid

If you want to live sustainably and have a container home that is eco-friendly, then consider living off the grid. What does that mean exactly?

Well, you will have to find your own power and water sources – which is exactly what this container home has done!

You could install solar panels to have your own clean source of electricity, and use stored rainwater to shower outside! With everything sustainably sourced, you can lower your carbon footprint and do your bit to help the environment. 

Plant Paradise 

Plant Paradise 

If you want to get really close to nature, why don’t you incorporate your landscaping into your container home? Hanging baskets, a wooden porch, bordered with natural plants, creeping ivy growing up to shelter your heads while you sit outside and enjoy your breakfast surrounded by the best nature has to offer.

Live out those cottagecore dreams while staying in your very own container home. 

Rooftop Garden


If you find you haven’t got a lot of space to landscape and build outwards, then why not try building upwards? You don’t have to sacrifice a wonderful garden space when you can just build yourself a rooftop garden.

Do what you want with it – put down fake grass, grow plants, turn it into a sitting area or even a rooftop bar. The choice is yours – just don’t forget that you have a whole other floor available up there. 

Shape it Up

Shape it Up

Container homes don’t all have to be the same boring rectangular shape. Why not shake things up and rearrange your cubic spaces into cool and distinct layouts?

This tiny container home has split their container in half and turned it into a lightning bolt shaped home for a unique design that is all their own. Why not try something similar with yours? 

Cabin Conversion 


Not all container homes have to have the same metallic exterior. If you prefer the more rustic and traditional look of a wooden cabin, you can build a wooden exterior for your container home to transform it into something closely resembling your dream wooden cabin.

Give your container home a more natural look with this wooden shell – or get creative and only clad some areas of your home, merging both the past and future in one awesome tiny container home.

Hiding In Plain Sight


All those windows can make your container home feel really exposed, so if you want a little more privacy when around your container home, why not attach a hinged decking that can be pulled up to resemble the side of a normal container?

This way, if you ever have to leave your container home for a long period of time, you can have the extra security of making it appear like a normal container. This way, any nosy neighbors can’t come peeking through the blinds when you’re not around. Clever, isn’t it? 

Your Dream Porch


One of the best features of an awesome container home is the cool porch that you can build around your container home. You can build yours covered so you can sit outside in any weather, and put out all the furniture items you need to feel cozy and at home on your own porch. How about a small fire?

A hammock? Plants? It’s completely up to you how to make your porch your own.

Lofty Aspirations 


Everyone is always concerned about how to design and decorate their container homes on the outside, but what about some interior features? Well, if your container is tall enough, you can include a tight loft space to double as your sleeping space – you can crawl over a huge comfy mattress and settle down for a night close to the stars. 

Secret Sleeping Den


If you don’t like the idea of climbing a ladder to bed every night or you’re afraid of rolling over and falling head first into your kitchen space, then you can always transform your sleeping space into a secret crawl-in den.

Build a platform above for extra living space, and you can just crawl underneath to fall asleep in your own secure sleeping area.

This container home has perfectly utilized this design to give them an optimum amount of space inside their tiny container home. 

Containers Ahoy!


Ahoy there! Why not take your container home out onto the watery lakes by transforming it into a tiny container home raft! Completely detach from society (and land) by dropping your container home on a floating platform and pushing out onto a lake.

Walk from your kitchen to the water’s edge in just a few steps – just make sure that you are a confident swimmer first before you dive head into this amazing container home design!

Reaching New Levels

Reaching New Levels

Take your container home to a whole new level by building it way up in a tree! Transform your tiny container home into a tiny container treehouse by elevating it up high above your head.

Incorporate a lot of windows into your home’s design so you can take full advantage of the views on offer, and build either a spiral staircase or a ladder so you can head up and down with ease. 

Split In Two

Split In Two

Sometimes, two containers are better than one – or one split into two. Why not try following this container home’s lead and split your container in half, elevating one half up and leaving theo other on the ground. You could connect them with stairs, and use the roof of one half as a garden, and the other as protective cover for your vehicle.

All of a sudden, you have doubled your space while still using the same container! 

 Going Underground

 Going Underground

Who said you only could elevate your container home? If you want to surprise guests and keep your container home protected from the elements, then why not consider digging downwards and installing the second half of your container home underneath the other?

This way you get maximum privacy and can escape when the weather is not up to scratch. You can achieve pitch darkness so you can get a good night’s sleep without worrying about sunshine waking you up too early. 

It’s A Breeze

It's A Breeze

If you want to get the absolute most out of the limited space that comes with living in a tiny container home, then perhaps you will want to consider installing a motorized glass garage door.

Not only is it a stylish choice, but it allows you to get great ventilation in the warmer weather at the touch of a button. Say goodbye to tripping over door frames and getting caught on door handles – install a cool motorized glass garage door to bring the outdoors inside. 

 Let There Be Light!


If you are wondering how to allow natural light into your container home without punching windows all down the walls, then skylights are a great way to light up your home while maintaining a bit of privacy.

This awesome container home has kept the rustic feel of a shipping container while still managing to incorporate skylights into the design of  their container home. 

Rustic Heaven


Shipping containers give off an alternative, rustic feel – and if you want to maintain that feel when it comes to the interior design of your tiny container home, then you should consider using cheap but sustainable materials like plywood.

Deck your whole interior with soft woods that give off a strong DIY theme, and your home will give off an awesome down-to-earth tone that feels cosy and welcoming no matter the season.

The Gates To Home 


The owners of this container home managed to build theirs into the side of a slight hill, making the entrance look like a cool set of gates. If you are thinking of doing something similar with your container home, then you can still let natural light seep in by using skylights, but keep the cool layout that makes your container home feel like a secret cave or bunker. 

On The Edge

On The Edge

If you like living life a little bit dangerously, then why not build your container home on the edge of a cliff or hill? Trust us – it’s perfectly safe and there is no real risk of your container home from teetering over  the edge (as long as it is built correctly).

It makes your container home a real stand out against your neighbors, and is sure to be a huge talking point with your guests. So show off your architectural mastery by defying gravity with this spectacularly designed container home! 

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