20 Awesome Small Timber Frame Homes

We’ve found these 20 awesome small timber frame homes and want to share them with you today. Many of us fall into the trap of living a cluttered life and we need something to remind us of the important things.

Less is more is one of our favorite sayings, living with intention and purpose are wonderful values that the world is beginning to take on board.

Being environmentally friendly is in fashion, and for good reason. This has spawned a wide range of different-style houses and accommodations that take up less room than most suburban garages. So we’ve listed our twenty favorite small timber frame homes. But just one thing…

Why would anyone want a small timber frame home? Ahh, that’s easy: cost efficiency and speed of build. You’ll save a lot of money on your energy and construction bills (win), and it will take half the time to build the home (double win.)

So here are the best of the coziest, most luxurious timber-framed homes from around the world.

1. Australia


Who hasn’t ever said: “Hey, I wonder how cool it would be to move my house anywhere?!” We know we have. Enter homes on wheels. An affordable option that allows you the choice to move whatever it takes your fancy.

With the high-quality work, and luxurious wooden and dark color scheme, freedom has never felt so good.  I mean, how cool would it be to move anywhere in the country at the drop of a hat?

2. Northern California, United States


This quaint and cozy timber-framed house was made from scratch by the owners, who even went as far as to mill the timber themselves. Now that’s commitment! Before their dreams became a reality, they had planned to move out into the wilderness to escape the stressful living life of the city, and their dreams become reality.

Featuring high ceilings and even enough room for a guest bedroom, this cozy and comfortable space is one of our favorites.

3. Canada


Here’s a slightly bigger option we like the look of. This more luxurious design feels like it would be ideal for a summer getaway, with kids playing outside and dogs running off to get muddy in the local woodland.

The kitchen boasts an island that seats up to seven people: perfect for evening dinners. The Autumnal color scheme of orange and dark grey sets this property as a stand-out choice.

4. Wyoming, United States


This 8’x18’ house on wheels is subtle but superb. It features a sizable sleeping loft, allowing for plenty of headroom, with natural light that organically flows in. It also comes with a handy little shed at the front, which hosts a water tank and propane tank to fuel the water heater and stove.

No need to worry about living with winter furs like something out of Game Of Thrones, there’s plenty of functionality to stay warm in this home, even on those frosty winter evenings.

5. Sun Peaks, British Columbia

20 Awesome Small Timber Frame Homes

Yes, this one is a little bigger, but we had to share this timber frame home because it’s rather spectacular! You can find this special gem in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, and it features an open concept kitchen, as well as a lovely decking area to watch the sunset from.

There’s room for hosting, partying or chilling out in an open loft area upstairs. Absolute bliss.

6. Ely, Minnesota


Sticking with the frosty theme: this cabin-based home is a hand-crafted design built by The Wee Cabin Company that caters its excellence to the needs of the individual.

Using both old and new materials, the creative design is a classic for small families or that couple weekend getaway. The dark red wooden beams remain our favorite part, as it gives off a very Autumnal vibe.

7. Yawatano, Japan


Imagine the view, right now, as you sip a coffee overlooking the endless expanse of the ocean. We’re enjoying the sights just thinking about it! This timber-framed triangular-shaped beauty is located on a cliff edge overlooking the sea in Yawatano, Japan.

The upper level features a triangular living area, with a terrace to check out the nearby forest. Dark timber planks feature on the ceiling to finish off this sleek design. Very modern and stunning.

8. Sandies Glen Valley, Stanford


Here’s a wonderful-looking wooden chalet to escape to. Featured in the picture above is an eco-friendly pod, fantastic for the environment, that is sustainable and self-sufficient to live in.

The cabin is raised off the ground so as not to affect the natural surroundings, and the 50 meters squared timber frame home oozes relaxation amidst the calmness of the woodlands around. You can also see how good the lighting looks as it sets the mood on this particular evening.

9. Ashford, Washington

20 Awesome Small Timber Frame Homes

Here’s a minimalist A-frame-shaped cabin that makes into our list of awesome timber frame homes. This house is only a short walk away from the local Nisqually river in Ashford, Washington.

Which makes this the perfect location for travelers that desire the local wonders of nature found here. Or if you want to Netflix and chill: wi-fi is provided. So everyone’s a winner!

10. Maine, United States


Who doesn’t love the picturesque dwelling of a winter cottage? You could snap this on a postcard and send it to all your relatives, it’s that photogenic.

The post-and-beam design has a modern edge, but it still retains that classic feel found in the heart of Maine, with space for chairs and plants. The best of both worlds: an adorable home in the woods.

11. Unknown


We’re not sure where this one is located, however, this understated house feels like something out of an old fairytale: where the kind old man lives in the woods or something like that!

Anyway, this 100 square-foot timber frame house is the effort of a multi-year build, made from reclaimed and salvaged materials so it’s very eco-friendly. Now the owner gets to enjoy his quaint and humble abode in private.

12. Manufactured in Budapest, Hungary


If you are looking for a weekend getaway that takes minimalism to the next level, then look no further. The very simple and very modern cabin takes cues from the local architectural heritage of Hungary.

“Ideal for those who follow a conscious way of living.” We agree. The lovely color design is fresh and gives a springtime feel to it.

13. Minigarzon Forest, Hungary


Sticking with the Hungarian theme, this incredibly practical apartment is built deep in the woods of Hungary, that can be transported as desired. The structure is predominantly mainly from raw wooden materials, and it has a very unique shape. We also love the look of the building when it is lit up. Don’t take our word for it: check out the link and see for yourself!

14. Minnesota, United States


If you want to go off-the-grid, get inspired by this quaint retreat nestled snugly into the wilderness of Ely, Minnesota. A 600 square-foot space ideal for a small family or to entertain guests: our favorite feature is the chimney which gives the house that old-but new vibe. Very chique.

We also really enjoy the extension to the side that adds space without taking up too much room.

15. San Jacinto Mountains, Southern California


Check out the lovely set of steps that lead up to a very homely interior. This A-frame beauty comes with a fireplace piece that really sets off the mood. Talk about the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The glass entrance can also be used as a viewing station in case there are any reindoors around. (Are there any reindeers in California?)

16. Karlskrona, Sweden


This simple but sensational minimalist design features a bedroom and sliding door that effectively doubles the living area when it’s open. There’s also a sauna to enjoy alone or with a partner. We love the dark-grey color scheme, and the large window to give a full view of the surroundings.

17. Truckee, California


Talk about a winter wonderland. This picturesque and cute cabin-style-home is made from an abundance of reclaimed material, and the colour scheme is that classic golden wood.

The redwood decking has been claimed from a construction site too, so it’s as environmentally friendly as it comes, something we endorse.

18. Unknown


Another unknown location we couldn’t resist showcasing. This lovely designed house by Perch & Nest is another cool mobile home that uses channel rustic cedar siding, with aluminum and pine windows.

The bedroom is accessible by storage stairs and there’s plenty of room for a dresser and all the amenities.

19. Oregon, United States


This 800 square foot, modern cottage design is made from a sustainable hybrid timber frame that boasts a cozy space with expensive taste.

The coolest feature is the centralized wooden stove where the whole family can gather around and warm their hands on a chilly night.

20. Sweden


Our final small timber frame home was built in the Swedish backcountry, and the elegant design features an open deck, spacious interior and a wonderful window display to view nature in all its glory.

The wooden beams that overhang the property give it that finished timber look that is classy and smart.

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