20 Awesome Small Log Cabins

Whoever said size matters? Well – not when it comes to log cabins.

Every log cabin is unique and special in its own way, and there are plenty of small log cabins with interesting designs and features that make them just as desirable as log cabin mansions. Sometimes, being smaller actually works in their favor!

Small log cabins fit neatly onto your property, making it easier for everyone to have their very own.

Hey – you can even build your very own! The smaller the log cabin, the easier it is for you to build it in your own back garden.

Building your own cabin comes with the creative freedom that lets you go all out on the design and try some weird and wonderful new ways to make your log cabin completely different from all the others.

If you are looking to buy a small log cabin or just for some inspiration to build your very own, here are 20 awesome small log cabins with their own special quirks and design points that make them stand out against their bigger brothers!

Clark Fork, Idaho

This quaint little log cabin is awesome for how much it fits in such a small space – it’s complete size is under 200 square feet! Completely off the grid with its own outdoor bathtub, this is the perfect little log cabin to purchase if you want to get closer to nature – really close to nature.

Sevierville, Tennessee

It can be tricky building your very own log cabin – never mind building a log cabin using materials from the very land you’re building from. Every log, stone, and stick was sourced from the same forest as this cabin is built in! Talk about living off the land – this family built their very own log cabin out of it.

The Lodge, Loch Goil

To take your log cabin to a whole new level, why not consider building it up a tree? This log cabin can be found in Scotland, and is built with a whole tree running right through its heart.

The elevation lets its occupants have an amazing view of the lake and surrounding nature, making them feel on top of the world.

Guerneville Dome Home

If you love log cabins and modern geometric designs, then this is the cabin for you! The designer of this log cabin took standard logs and used them to create a completely modern domed cabin that is a whole different shape to standard log cabins.

If you want something completely out of the box, then consider designing your own log cabin using some completely different shapes.

The One Log House

Now that’s what I call a log cabin! This cabin is actually one whole log hollowed and transformed into a retro styled log cabin with a complete living, dining and sleep areas – a very unique and interesting idea. Who knew there were trees big enough for this design to become a reality?

Eagle Brae, Scotland

This log cabin in Scotland uses some interesting materials – including grass to cover the roof! Getting grass to grow on the roof of your log cabin like this can be tricky, but the owners of this cabin have managed to pull it off successfully. Looks really fancy, doesn’t it?

Drina River House

Some log cabins take architecture and design to extreme new levels – and the Drina River House is one of the most uniquely built log cabins in the world. This cabin is built entirely on little rock in a river in western Serbia – a real challenge that the architect has miraculously overcome.

Hans Liberg’s Studio Cabin

It’s a cabin made of logs – it’s a log cabin! Although you can’t live in this small log cabin, it serves as a private studio of cabaret performer Hans Liberg. It’s design utilizes logs in a creative way, making the cabin appear like a stack of logs rather than appearing like the conventional shed.

Perhaps you could design your own cabin in a similar way?

Mobile Log Cabins

Imagine being able to take your little log cabin wherever you wished to? If only there were log cabins on wheels – oh wait, there are!

If you like the freedom of a mobile home and the style of a log cabin, you can now combine the both to get log cabin style mobile homes and take your log cabin with you wherever you may go.

Red Lodge, Montana

Sometimes, you just can’t beat tradition. This rustic cabin completely utilizes logs in all aspects of its features and furniture, making it look like a good old fashioned log cabin.

It also features a nice wrap around porch – perfect for sitting out on and appreciating nature from the comfort of your own log cabin.

Arrowhead Log Cabin

This log cabin is uniquely designed into an arrowhead shape, with the architect building upwards rather than outwards. By building upwards, the architect has utilized the little ground space they have by creating more space above.

The curved sides give this log cabin a sleek and slender shape complete with a cute little balcony to appreciate the stunning forest view from.

Newton Mearns, Scotland

This little log cabin opens out straight into a beautiful fish-filled pond – but that isn’t what makes this log cabin so different. The designer of this log cabin decided to create a completely unique glass ceiling veranda in the classic vaulted style, allowing its occupants to sit outside in rain or sun.

Escape Log-Based Tiny Homes

Some log cabins just are not all log – some make great use of windows. This log cabin features huge, wide windows that allow you to get a real close view of nature in every single room.

Even the porch is completely encased in glass so you can get all the benefits of sitting outside without freezing your toes off!

TimberCab 500

If you want a more modern and sleekly designed log cabin, then take inspiration from this log cabin right here. With sharp angles and large windows, this log cabin looks uniquely different from traditional log cabins with a focus on square shapes rather than cosy round circles.

The Hemloft

Have you ever wanted to know how a Christmas bauble feels? Well now you can in this highly stylized and creative log cabin tree house! This amazing log cabin was designed and built by a skilled carpenter in Canada and started out as a simple ‘egg in a tree’ idea.

This little log cabin just goes to show that any idea is possible – no matter how crazy it seems.

The Raft At Chigborough

This awesome log cabin lays at anchor at a small lake in England – yes, you heard us right, lays at anchor. This log cabin is more than just a log cabin – it also doubles as a raft capable of floating out onto the water.

If it’s ultimate seclusion that you’re aiming for, then perhaps you will want to build your own log cabin raft so you can detach yourself from the land and peacefully drift out onto the lake (just make sure you can swim first).

Traditional Viking Cabins

If you want to get in touch with history as well as nature, then perhaps you will want your log cabin to be inspired by the past. The fearsome vikings of old Scandinavia used to build their log cabins into hills and mounds in the ground so they could camouflage into the background.

Loose Reins

Not all log cabins are all mountain views and forestry. You can get a taste of the wild wild west by designing your own log cabin to look more like a ranch house with all the alpine furnishings and features. Look at that funky railing and tell me that does not scream log classic cabin to you?

Pioneer Log Carved Homes

To make a log cabin really special, then sometimes all it needs is a bit of craftsmanship and art. This log cabin has animal sculptures carved straight out of the beams of the cabin, and even has engraved artwork etched into the doors and walls.

Bears, beavers, deer – you name it, you can sculpture it into the very wooden walls of your log cabin.

Pioneer Tower Cabin

And finally, why not just build a tower? If you want all the views of a treehouse without the actual tree, then you can always build your awesome log cabin on top of its very own tower! This means you can have amazing views without having to build your cabin on a mountainside or up a tree.


And there you have it! 20 awesome small log cabins, each with their own individual quirks and features that make them stand out from all the others. It goes to show that you don’t need a huge log cabin mansion to own a log cabin that is impressively built or well crafted.

All you need is a solid idea and an architect with the skills to bring your dream small log cabin to life!

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