20 Awesome Small Container Homes

With more people looking to move away from bog-standard home designs. Alternative homes are growing in popularity. 

One of the most innovative home solutions is a home made from a shipping container. Both practical and customizable, small container homes are booming. 

From eco-homes to luxury container cabin getaways, there’s endless potential for what can be done with a shipping container home. To give you a glimpse of the possibilities, here are 20 awesome small container homes.

1.Carolina Beach House

Carolina Beach House

This vibrant Carolina Beach house is everything a beach house should be. With a stunning blue exterior, the container house stands out in all the right ways to replicate a traditional beach hut.

This small container house is situated a stone’s throw away from the beach making it the perfect pad to come home to after a long day at the beach. 

This tiny house was designed to be a modern, minimalist, and eco-friendly home made from recycled and reclaimed materials.

The house’s interior consists of recycled paper countertops and plenty of other reclaimed and refinished features to reduce its impact on the environment. The stylish home has a clean and modern finish with a light and airy feel. This house is 320 square feet.

2.The Canopy Container

The Canopy Container

The double-decker shipping container home started as an experiment and is now a beautiful, warm and functional space. The house is made from a shipping container with a wood cladding exterior. The house offers an earthy warmth as it nestles comfortably into its surroundings.

The reminiscence of the original containers’ steel doors stands proudly. They open out onto a deck to maximize the space and join the indoor space to the outdoor. 

Though small, the container house offers plenty of functional space and storage to make it a comfortable home. Its interior is light and neutral and it is softly decorated with natural furnishings to make a warm and elegant space. Named the double-decker container home for a reason, this container home has a second story.

This space can be used as a chill-out canopy. 



This tiny shipping container home named Gaia offers full off-the-grid functionality. Though small, it is a completely self-sufficient space that makes use of renewable energy such as solar panels, wind turbines, and a rainwater collection system that enables the house to run itself. This house is the ultimate eco container home. 

The exterior of the house has been left as it originally was to represent the life it once had, with a couple of modifications.

Features such as the front door of the container, fold down to make a decking area. Its multifunctional purpose works to maximize the space as it makes the most of the outdoors. The interior space is lined with plywood which gives it a natural and warm feel. 

4.The BoHo Box Hop

The BoHo Box Hop

The BoHo Box Hop is a stunning small container ship home. Tucked away in woodland, this home sits comfortably amongst its surroundings. It’s the perfect hideaway for a remote getaway.

This house is constructed from a single large shipping container as the main living space and a small container stacked on top to make space for the bedrooms. The container’s facade is painted white with black steel frame windows.

The second container contains a balcony which serves as extra space and a perfect spot to watch the natural surroundings. 

The interior is softly decorated with neutral colors that reflect its surroundings. It’s finished to a high standard with new fittings and fixtures, a stunning galley kitchen, and a log stove. Its modern and chic style makes the home feel cozy and welcoming.

5.Two-story Shipping Container Home 

Two-story Shipping Container Home 

This two-story shipping container home was built with outdoor space in mind. The home is constructed from a large shipping container as the base and a smaller shipping container on the top.

The house is thoughtfully designed to maximize the amount of functional space. The large container houses the main living spaces of the living room and kitchen whilst the top story container houses the bedrooms. 

The container’s exterior is a warm orange that reflects the color of the ground around the property. Its interior is tastefully decorated with a family feel.

The container aims to venture into its outdoor surroundings by including a large decking space and balcony on the second floor and an open porch area on the first floor. 

6.The Modern Eco House 

The Modern Eco House

This modern and shipping container home was designed to create a home that has minimal impact on the environment.

The container home is completely sustainable and adopts a minimalist design to honor its natural surroundings. The small house is a two-bed home that is made from repurposed shipping containers.

Built for sustainable living, this container home can be used completely off-the-grid. With renewable energy, the building can run itself.

It makes the most of using solar panels and a rainwater tank to generate electricity and produce water. The exterior facade of the home is made from viroc which is a highly efficient composite material.

Not only does it look great, but it’s also water and fire-resistant and has acoustic and thermal insulation.

7.Coodo Shipping Container Home 

Coodo Shipping Container Home 

The coodo shipping container home is designed for style and purpose. This tiny home adopts a modern and stylish design that would make anyone envious.

The home puts a modern twist on the converted container home by completely upgrading the container. The coodo is also designed for sustainability. It is made to have a low carbon footprint and to be environmentally friendly. It has been designed using mostly recycled and natural materials. 

The container’s exterior facade offers a sleek and streamlined finish and curved edges that make the home look weightless.

This container home also contains high-tech features that include temperature and movement sensors as well as door and window sensors. Not only is it built for style and sustainability, but it is also a fortress. 

8.Casa Cubica 

Casa Cubica

Casa Cubica is a tiny container home for four. The home is constructed from a repurposed shipping container. It offers a large open living space of a full kitchenette, a bathroom, and a laundry room.

The internal space offers plenty of storage and functional space. The container home is low maintenance and earthquake-proof. 

Its exterior facade offers a simple, rustic design whilst the interior contains wooden features for a warm and natural feel. The interior adopts a minimalist design that celebrates the space’s functionality.

With large windows, the casa cubica offers stunning views that look out onto its natural surroundings. It also works to marry its indoor and outdoor space by placing decking outside the front and putting a canopy on the roof to maximize space. 

9.Lake Taupo Container Home 

Lake Taupo Container Home 

The Lake Taupo container home is a container home on stilts. Its unique design and black exterior facade give the impression that it’s floating above the canopy line. Raised at a height, the container home offers brilliant views overlooking Lake Taupo.

Though its exterior is black, it rests nicely in its surroundings and doesn’t appear imposing. The container home adopts a stylish and quirky design with modern balcony space at the front of the house and bold blue dashed paint on the side exterior. 

The container house works to blend the inside space with the outdoors with sliding doors that lead out onto the balcony and plenty of windows dotted within to let in plenty of natural light. The house’s interior offers a simple, minimalist design that enables the eye to focus more on what the outdoors has to offer.

10.Rustic Container 

Rustic Container 

From the outside, this container home appears like two abandoned, rustic shipping containers. The exterior facade has left the reclaimed containers as they are which makes for an earthy and untouched look.

The container’s design aims to fool the eye. However, there is a glimpse of a habitation with the addition of large windows and a decking space which implies that there is more than meets the eye. 

The inside of this container home tells a different story. With white interior walls and large windows, the inside of the house offers a large and bright open space that frames the outside environment.

The house adopts a minimalistic but modern design that creates a fresh and luxurious space that hides in plain sight. 

11.All Terrain Cabin 

All Terrain Cabin 

The All-Terrain container cabin is a fantastic tiny container home design. This home is constructed from a standard shipping container that can house a family of four.

Though small, the container offers plenty of usable space and storage to accommodate a family. The home is designed as a snug mobile cabin.

Designed for sustainability, the container home runs itself and enables you to live completely off the grip. It offers a comfortable space with a modern but minimalistic design. 

A unique part of the home is that the decking of the cabin folds up to close and hide the cabin away. This isn’t just a nifty trick that’s ideal for transporting the cabin, it’s also a great security hack as well as a feature that provides privacy. 

12.The Container House

The Container House

The Container House is a stunning, sleek, and modern container home. This unique design completely transforms the industrial shipping container into an elegant and luxurious home.

The house was designed to be sustainable and have minimal impact on the environment. It contains functions that appeal to this vision such as the use of recycled and reclaimed materials that have been repurposed and modernized to look new. 

The house is constructed from two large shipping containers that make up a 60 square meter house. The main living space includes a large living room, a kitchen and laundry space, and a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. The ensure house, including the exterior facade and the interior walls and floors, are white. This is done to increase the space.

13.‘Home Sweet Home’ 

Home Sweet Home’

This unique and stylish shipping container home design was built to create a housing solution. Designed for functionality and easy living. The main living space of the home is constructed from two 40 ft shipping containers that have been cut in half and put together to create a large and open living space.

The space consists of two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

The container home was designed with the environment in mind. It’s constructed from recycled materials and repurposed furniture. It offers plenty of functional space and storage.

The exterior facade is painted in neutral colors for a warm and modern feel whilst the interior is left bare, constructed by wood, and unpainted. The interior’s minimalist design gives a Scandinavian feel. 

14.Container Cabin

Container Cabin

Tucked away in the Catskill Mountains, this cabin hideaway in Northern New York offers an escape from the bustle of city life. The tiny home is constructed from a standard shipping container.

It’s designed with sustainability in mind as it incorporates features that enable off-grid living.

The container consists of highly insulated walls, low energy windows and is powered by solar panels and a gravity-fed water source. It also contains a fully composting toilet.

15.Royal Wolf Outdoor Room 

Royal Wolf Outdoor Room 

This tiny container offers a functional space that can be used as a living space, studio, or workspace. Though small, its large window and white interior make it a versatile space that brings the outside in.

It offers fantastic features such as lighting and air conditioning that make it homely and comfortable. 

16.Tiny Home Shipping Container Village 

Tiny Home Shipping Container Village

The Tiny Home Shipping Container Village comprises several uniquely designed modern shipping container homes. The tiny homes are designed with sustainability in mind as they are made from recycled material. Each home is constructed from a large 40 ft shipping container.

The exterior facade is covered in paneled untreated woot that offers a natural feel that’s nicely paired with the untouched features of the shipping container’s steel frame. Whilst the interior is tastefully decorated for a light and airy feel. 

17.Container Weekend House 

Container Weekend House

The Container Weekend House offers a unique design. The house is constructed from two shipping containers that have been put together to create a large open living space. Its black facade softens its presence whilst its wooden accents add depth and character.

The house is functional and cozy as it adopts a warm minimalist design. The front of the house has a large open deck that maximizes the living space.

18.The Lily Pad Shipping Container House 

The Lily Pad Shipping Container House

The Lily Pad is a gorgeous modern shipping container house located on a site surrounded by 13 acres of beautiful woodland in Logan, Ohio. The container house offers a warm and cozy atmosphere.

The exterior facade is neutral, painted in black, and features wooden beams and window frames. It sits comfortably and quietly amongst its surroundings. The interior design of the container house is luxurious and sophisticated making for a perfect remote getaway. 

19.The Green Container 

The Green Container

This green container home blends in with its natural surroundings. The unique container home is constructed from two conjoined shipping containers. The tiny container home offers a functional and versatile space as it isn’t determined by its size. It offers plenty of functional space and offers great storage solutions.

The building’s exterior facade is painted in a pale lime green that works nicely with the surrounding foliage. The large windows and doors are gently framed by steel frames that frame the landscape.

The interior of the container home is made up of earthy muted tones, a bold blue, and the same lime green as the exterior. This cleverly works to unite the inside space with the outside.

20.Clever Tiny Shipping Container Home 

Clever Tiny Shipping Container Home 

This shipping container is constructed from a single 20 ft shipping container that has been repurposed and redesigned to create a stunning modern home.

The house also contains two units that are extended at the sides to increase the amount of functional space in the home. The two pop-out units house extra space that makes the container feel more like home. The container home focuses more on the views it has to offer, by framing the landscape with large windows and doors.

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