20 Awesome Small Barn Homes

We live in a time where renovation, design, and house decorating are some of the most popular activities in the world as people love to create their forever space until it reaches perfection.

Lots of people look for ways to make their homes different from the norm, and small barn homes are the perfect projects to create warm, cozy, and traditional yet modern homes.

Take a look below at some of the small barn homes that people are going crazy for today, and fall in love with them yourself. 

1.Wilson, Wyoming 

Wilson, Wyoming 

This small barn conversion in Wilson, Wyoming, projects that cozy, homely feel that homebuyers search months for just by looking at it.

There is a comfortable guest suite, a kitchen, bathroom, garage, and a gym that overlooks the scenery through the glass panels at the top of the barn. This cozy barn glows amongst its rural backdrop. 

2.McKinney, Texas

20 Awesome Small Barn Homes2

Take a look at this rustic barn located by a lake in McKinney, Texas. This barn has an open plan downstairs area that includes a dining area, lounge area, kitchen, and an entertainment area tucked away that is perfect for children and adults.

Upstairs is a cozy bedroom and balcony that overlooks the downstairs area like a scene from a Christmas movie. 

3.Hudson Valley, New York 

Hudson Valley, New York 

This rural New York barn includes 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, decking, and is within walking distance of farm shops so isn’t too out of the way.

The rustic wooden walls transport your mind to an instant sense of calm, and what a perfect setting for a family or friends gathering, giving you your own private getaway to enjoy being surrounded by nature. 

4.Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Having a peek inside this converted barn home is like delving into luxury. With 4 bedrooms, this barn is the perfect getaway for a family vacation, and the decor has striking elements of wood against the cream-painted wooden walls for a breath of fresh air both inside and out.

The open plan downstairs puts a modern twist on the traditional barn with elements of rustic beauty coming through. 

5.Kent, Connecticut 

Kent, Connecticut 

This converted barn home in Kent, Connecticut was once a dairy farm that has now been transformed into a peaceful living space.

The grain silo has been renovated into 3 living areas and has had windows installed so you can enjoy the picturesque scenery from each level. This barn overlooks the Housatonic River as well as endless greenery and trees. 

6.Little Compton, Rhode Island

Little Compton, Rhode Island

This barn stays true to its 18th Century roots with stone walls on the outside to pay homage to the farming community where the barn is located.

The barn has mostly modern decor such as leather sofas and carpet floors, which greatly contrasts with the architectural structure of the house, but delicately transforms this barn into a chic modern living space. 

7.Sagaponack, New York

Sagaponack, New York

This barn conversion is made up of a renovated barn, a shed, and a garage to create this extremely modern and chic living area.

Each of the structures is linked by glass passageways, an incredibly contemporary solution to creating a bigger living space. If you prefer modern and contemporary living spaces, then this barn is definitely for you. 

8.Cranmore, Somerset

Cranmore, Somerset

Located in the English countryside, this 4 bedroom barn conversion has an extremely modern interior to contrast the traditional country cottage exterior.

There are elements of the traditional barn architecture with the oak beams and doors but most of the inside leaves no trace of the original barn. If you prefer a modern barn conversion, this one is perfect for you.

9.Neustift im Stubaital, Austria 

Neustift im Stubaital, Austria 

Found in the Neustift im Stubaital valley in Austria, this 150-year-old barn was converted into a unique and gorgeous home after it was set to be demolished.

This barn home is unique for its use of wood in the interior of the house, making it an extremely warm and cozy place to live. The wood interior brings the outside inside, allowing you to feel closer to nature than ever. 

10.The Netherlands 

The Netherlands 

This home may not look like a converted barn home, but it is exactly that with an extremely modern take. Half of the barn is transparent glass, whilst the other half provides a bit of privacy.

This home keeps some traditional barn elements inside with exposed wood making up most of the interior. 

11.Waco, Texas

11.Waco, Texas

This former horse barn has been transformed into a stunning 5 bedroom palace, with the white exterior being brought inside to tie the house together.

The white wood is a fresh take on the usual unpainted wood, and it elevates the barn to look extremely modern yet very traditional due to elements of the barn being kept intact. 

12.York, England

York, England

This barn in York, England was once a cattle shed that has now been transformed into a cozy, spacious home. The home has exposed beams and high ceilings and even exposed brick walls to really give the home a country feel.

The brick makes a change from the usual wood barns and if you would prefer your barn conversion to look more like a cottage, brick 

is the best material for you. 



This barn was abandoned before it was turned into a modern house conversion with a very minimalistic, stylish interior. The white walls and floor provide subtle fashionable undertones, whilst the large wooden doors pictured hint at elements of the traditional barn, but have a contemporary twist against the classic stone walls. 

14.Saleinez, Switzerland 

Saleinez, Switzerland

This barn conversion looks too small on the outside for a home, but don’t be fooled. The interior has extremely contemporary smooth wooden panels and a very simplistic yet effective design.

There’s an open plan downstairs with a cozy lounge area and modern kitchen, and a modern dark gray marble bathroom that contrasts with the rustic build. 

15.Petaluma, California 

Petaluma, California 

This barn conversion in the Californian countryside has all of the modern elements combined with the traditional barn structure.

This structure is 2 stories high as there is the smaller upstairs area in the image, but the downstairs is all open plan and is extremely spacious. The minimalistic decor and white interior and exterior make this barn extremely stylish and stand out in its surroundings. 

16.Folkstone, England 

Folkstone, England 

This barn in Folkstone, England has a black wood exterior mixed with glass panels, which is a great contrast to its green surroundings.

The mixture of both the stone and the wood make this conversion a very traditional barn, but the black wood and the glass give the barn a chic look that keeps with its traditions yet is very contemporary and unique. 

17.Wilton, Connecticut 

Wilton, Connecticut 

This barn home is super stylish and modern, and if that is what you look for in a barn conversion then this style is for you.

The shape of the house keeps with the conventional barn structure, and if you didn’t want many original barn features on the exterior of your home then these fresh white window panes and the sophisticated gray roof are perfect for you. 

18.Pine Plains, New York 

Pine Plains, New York 

A modern take on the barn home, this conversion in Pine Plains, New York has the structure of a traditional house yet the wood panels draw us back to rustic barn chic.

The most interesting features of this barn home are the different sized windows, as we see the barn from an art perspective and admire the extremely modern flare. 

19.Lake Rancho, Chile

Lake Rancho, Chile

Art meets barn conversion in this stunning home found in Lake Rancho, Chile as the art deco beams give this home a striking, one-of-a-kind feature.

The wooden beams are all a similar size and each element of the barn structure sees the panels used in different ways, which makes this barn so fun to look at. 

20.Devon, England

Devon, England

The thick wooden beams give this barn a futuristic style, and the neutral color scheme of the beige wood, white ceiling and floor, and beige stone garden walls make this barn look both timeless and contemporary.

The glass window walls mixed with the sharp inserts of wood give the barn character and make us struggle to take our eyes off it. 

Final Thoughts

No small barn home looks the same, and that is what makes these structures so unique and beautiful. They are all different and there is most definitely something for everyone.

If you require a more traditional-looking barn, there are many barn homes that keep a lot of the original wood and stone barn features so that the home has a more classic, country feel to it.

A lot of people prefer for their barn home to look more modern, and this can be done with a variety of materials and colors.

Sticking with a more neutral color scheme and incorporating glass into the barn exterior gives the barn a fresh, contemporary design for your perfect modern barn home. 

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