20 Awesome Incredible Tiny Homes

The number of people preferring to live in a tiny home in the United States grows every year. What is influencing their choice? For many, there is only one major reason: financial liberty.

Here is a collection of some of the quirkiest and coolest small residences we discovered on the internet. Each one highlights the cost-saving advantages of tiny house living. Let’s take a look!

1.Melbourne, Australia


How cool is this tiny off-grid home on wheels? We’re obsessed with it! It’s located in rural Australia, making it ideal for those who enjoy privacy and nature. The little house has a brilliant blue exterior and is supplied with the necessities for happy living.

A queen-sized mattress, a comprehensive kitchen with a fridge and oven, a bathroom, a warm shower, an Audio system, a hammock, and a fire pit are all ready to use. There’s even a retractable awning, which is ideal for those who live in sunnier climates.

2.Winston-Salem, NC.

2.Winston-Salem, NC.

The creators of this tiny home have boldly declared it, “a family-sized farmhouse on wheels,” which is quite the claim. Despite the pocket-sized exterior, this home boasts enough space for a whole family to feel comfortable without the risk of overcrowding or lack of privacy. This is thanks to the innovative design.

Believe it or not, this tiny frame houses a full-sized bathtub, complete kitchen setup with no lack of countertop space, and a working toilet. This tiny home is also on wheels so can be transported and relocated with ease. 

3.Summit Tiny Homes


This ultra-modern tiny home is perfect for those who want to combine rustic features with contemporary glamor. You enter the kitchen, which is outfitted with modern copies of vintage gear (full refrigerator, full stove, and farmhouse sink!).

Make a right to enter the main level room via the restroom with a ceramic shower/tub combination. Behind those is a storeroom loft that may be accessed via a ladder. If you turn left, you’ll come to the sitting room, which has a hidden staircase leading to another loft.

4.Alaska, United States


This tiny home is located in Alaska and was built entirely by a local contractor. It took only a couple of years to build and the creator now states how happy she is to be living debt-free in her tiny home – she truly is living the dream!

This home measures 500 square feet and is filled with plenty of homely features such as a huge bay window in the sitting area – perfect for reading and watching the rain.

The kitchen is comprehensive and comes complete with solid wood cabinets, so storage space is not an issue. The bathroom even has a regular flushing toilet, so you’ll feel right at home in a tiny house like this!

5.Waco, Texas


This exceptional tiny home is located in Texas and was originally a shipping container – but it has since taken on quite the transformation. It has 2 stories and is bursting with character from floor to ceiling. The outside is also eye-catching. 

The 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom building is very similar to that of a houseboat – it’s named The Helm – and is made up of one 40 ft container with a 20 ft container above it.  A stairway on the outside brings us to the second floor with a spacious terrace and a separate bedroom area.

On two levels, massive full-size french doors start opening the bedrooms to decks, enhancing the natural daylight within. There will be no compromise in the kitchen. Quartz countertops, stained cabinetry, a stove, fridge, and a full-sized sink are all included. There is also enough room for a modest dining table.

6.Canton, Georgia

Canton, Georgia

This tiny home has been aptly named “The Otter Den”, and its creator first got the idea and motivation after attending a workshop that teaches participants how to make tiny houses – sign us up! But on a serious note – how adorable is this tiny home?

It’s one of the smallest examples we’ve included in this list, as well as one of the most simple designs. Inside the cabin, there is a mezzanine bedroom level which can be accessed via a mini staircase. This specific tiny home isn’t considered “off-the-grid” as it’s jam-packed with electrical gadgets and even a fully functional kitchen.

7.Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

The next tiny home on our list is known as “The Birds Nest” and can be found deep in the heart of Austin, Texas.

The house is decorated in a delicate mint tint that contrasts with the rustic wooden tones. Have you seen the wooden beams to the left and right of the entrance?

These rescued parts were reclaimed from a nearby property that was being destroyed. The goal was to replicate the design found in a natural bird’s nest. That means abandoning order in favor of a more disorganized, chaotic appearance in areas.

However, these aspects are harmonized with the others to form a harmonic whole. When you walk within and see the tiny kitchen, you realize how small the home is. Nevertheless, there is enough space for a full-size refrigerator and freezer.

8.Zion National Park


The Mother Eve Tiny House is influenced by fairytales and even has an outside jacuzzi.

The Tudor-style entrance makes it appear as if Snow White must be lurking inside, and just take a look at that gorgeous arched doorway! Before you even walk in, you’ll notice a beautiful living area with a velvet sofa and fluffy pink rug, a mezzanine bedroom for uninterrupted sleep, and a kitchen and bath fit for a queen.

This small is an amazing beauty, appropriately named after the first woman recorded in biblical accounts of ancient times!

Household items, a huge bath (walk-in shower), a cozy loft, breathtaking views, a laundry combo, a TV with Netflix, Wifi, a jacuzzi, an outdoor fireplace, a BBQ grill, and all the outside facilities are included.

9.Cazadero, California

20 Awesome Incredible Tiny Homes8

This next tiny home is a stylish creekside retreat with mid-century elements. Experience the stream through your pane of windows and enjoy your own bit of magnificent Austin Creek with interior and outdoor living.

There is 1 bedroom below and a large loft above, so there is plenty of space for even a large family.

10.Big Island. Hawaii

20 Awesome Incredible Tiny Homes9

This mini Hawaiian retreat has just about everything you’ll ever need for a comfortable life in the jungle.

The living area and kitchen are joined on the ground level, while the bedroom is located on a balcony. A glass door separates the restroom from the laundry area, which is built into the kitchen.

The architecture of the blue chalet emphasizes natural daylight and the woodland atmosphere.

The (relatively) high ceilings and numerous windows make the space appear larger than it is. The ceiling in the family room and kitchenette is tall, while the curving roof in the bedroom adds space and comforting air.

11.Port Townsend, Washington

20 Awesome Incredible Tiny Homes10

The Micro Mansion small house seems to have a lot of elements inside it that demonstrate how much care and attention was put into it. We’re particularly obsessed with the wooden tub!

The entire home measures 200 square feet and is perfect for a single person or a couple. The interior resembles that of a kitted-out RV but has the added feature of a wooden staircase leading to the mezzanine bedroom space above.

This home has full electricity and water access, meaning you can live here in comfort.

12.Denali, Timbercraft Tiny Homes


The Denali by Timbercraft Tiny Homes is a stunning 37′ gooseneck small luxury home. The tiny house has 23 timber panes, two outside entrances, a sliding back porch, and even an impressive outdoor shower space.

There’s a bedroom just above the gooseneck featuring plenty of headroom, a genuine closet, and an installed queen-size mattress and bed with storage inside the 352-square-foot homestead.

There are 11-foot ceilings, mullioned windows, and timber-framed rafters in the sitting room.

Shaker-style cabinetry with hardwood counters, stainless steel gadgets, and 2 different service spaces are featured in the kitchen. There are numerous storage areas all through the property.

13.Auckland, New Zealand

13.Auckland, New Zealand

A modest small home located on an expansive lawn where the West Coast breezes dance through the trees of Norfolk pine is a throwback to how New Zealanders always live: greater land, less capital-consuming constructed bulk.

We can’t blame anyone for wanting to live in a tiny home like this, as it has everything you’ll ever need to live comfortably. It features a wood-burning stove and a full-sized kitchen area.

This style of tiny home works particularly well for single people who are couples who are looking to escape the rat-race of mortgages and regular homebuying routes.

14.The Vantage, Tiny Heirloom

20 Awesome Incredible Tiny Homes13

This stunning tiny home trailer was built by the stars of the HGTV show Tiny Luxury and demonstrates an astounding level of workmanship.

Tiny Vantage is wonderfully comfortable and expansive at the very same time, thanks to the stylish hardwood interior and large panoramic views that let in the wonderful outdoors. It looks spectacular even in the tiniest 16′ variation.

15.The Carriage House

20 Awesome Incredible Tiny Homes14

The great majority of small houses share the same general design principles. They are around the size and shape of a huge RV.  There is normally 1 huge downstairs communal space and 1 or 2 small lofts above for bedrooms, with really low ceilings.

The Carriage House is not built horizontally or low to the ground. It is actually built vertically, with a spacious underground garage.

The remainder of the kitchen is just across from this.  The furnace and stove are on the far right. Furthermore, there will be plenty of floor area in the room, and this wonderful little corridor combines them. There is also plenty of privacy in the bedroom.

16.Tom’s Treehouse

20 Awesome Incredible Tiny Homes15

This tiny home might not come with wheels, but the views are more than makeup for it. A 3 -level tree home erected around a large oak tree and outfitted with blankets, hammocks, and Mason jars looks like something out of a Wes Anderson film set.

On a wet afternoon, visitors can read some books in the treehouse library or relax in the swing on the bottom level. It’s perfect for those who prefer rustic interiors and like to connect with nature.

17.A-frame Cabin

20 Awesome Incredible Tiny Homes16

This is a 2-story A-frame vacation cabin that can be erected on any piece of land. This is the perfect home for a family holiday property, with a huge Sitting Room with a double vaulted ceiling, terrace, additional den/office, and wet areas raised from the floor. We like how unique A-frame small houses look. If you like the look of this tiny home, you can purchase the blueprints on Etsy!

18.Trailer Winery Retreat


This charming modern farmhouse property was showcased on Season 7 of “Tiny House Big Living” and could be your own!

This house was built specifically during the shooting of the show “Tiny Winery Retreat” by Modern Tiny Living, LLC, the Midwest’s top custom Small House engineering and building firm. It looks just as cool on the inside, too! It comes complete with a metal roof and is accented with reclaimed barn wood. 

19.Modern Shed, Seattle

20 Awesome Incredible Tiny Homes18

Modern Shed, found in Seattle, has adapted its yard shed idea and given it legs by modifying it to be its first-ever transportable housing. At 220 sq ft, it is a contemporary, self-contained construction that is large enough to be a house but small enough to travel with.

A black, low-maintenance façade is equipped with a solar panel on the rooftop that is supplied with cells, and an interior wood fire is used for warmth, allowing the small home to operate off-grid.

20.Queensland, Australia

20 Awesome Incredible Tiny Homes19

This futuristic tiny home on wheels located in Queensland, Australia is beautifully built and stuffed full of excellent tiny space design concepts.

Some of which include cleverly folding furnishings and lots of hidden storage space fit for all the family. It also has a comprehensive kitchen setup with hardwood countertops that are sure to stand the test of time.

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