20 Amazing Tiny Mobile Homes

Mobile homes make it possible to experience a Nomadic style of life, while still being able to enjoy the comforts of home. Mobile homes are portable dwellings that can be ported around the country, so that their occupants can put down stakes wherever they want, without ever having to move out of their beloved home!

There are many varying types of mobile home, varying in size, complexity, or even the facilities available inside of them. 

It is common for mobile homes to be confused with campervans and trailers. Those such dwellings are made for short-term occupation: for vacations and camping trips. However, mobile homes are built for long-term living, and most people that occupy them consider them to be their definitive home!

As such, mobile homes can be easily personalized and customized to suit the owner, and there are a wide variety of amazing mobile homes to peruse online.

Today, we will explore 20 of the most amazing tiny mobile homes that might inspire you to get one of your own, but that will no doubt give you a great and exciting insight into the mobile home experience!

#1 – Solar-Powered Mobile Home


Of course, one of the biggest considerations for mobile home owners is where they will get their electricity from. Mobile homes can easily jack up to power supplies, but if there is no power supply available, what other options are there?

This eco-friendly little beauty allows owners to generate electricity via the attached solar panels, found on the roof. So while the home is hitting the road it can soak in the sun and provide hours of renewable energy! Neat!

#2 – Rooftop Wonder


This wonderfully compact mobile home stands out from the rest thanks to its easily accessible rooftop seating area. For those who want a fancy experience from their mobile homes, this home is perfect. You can easily soak up the sun from atop this vehicle, which also makes it perfect as a vacation home! 

And it doesn’t stop there, the wonderfully sized room inside of the mobile home provides ample space for snug and comfortable living, with easy access to the open air, thanks to tall glass doors with large windows, to allow plenty of sunlight during the day! 

#3 – Compact Campsite


Photos of this mobile home are guaranteed to have your jaw dropping to the floor! Want to create a camping experience easily no matter where your mobile home ends up? The owners of this home certainly know how to do just that! 

The slim build of the mobile home is sleek and modern and doesn’t distract from the beauty of the nature around it. Rather, this home blends in rather beautifully amongst the trees. Power is also likely less of a concern for the owners of this home, thanks to the wealth of large windows that circle the entirety of the home, which can let in plenty of natural light! 

#4 – Classic and Rustic


At a glance, this mobile home looks just like the average suburban home, complete with a warmly lit porch, that allows for a perfect place to perch and take in the evening sun or enjoy a nice cup of joe.

With a classic design like this, you’d never have to feel like your mobile home is a small imitation of a standard home. Save for the wheels, you’d be able to easily imagine this home propped up beside other houses in a small neighborhood.

#5 – Suburban Home on Wheels


Once again, this wonderful compact little home provides an effortless suburban look that blends beautifully wherever it is stopped. No matter whether this home was parked up in a residential neighborhood, or a wooded campsite, it would look amazing, thanks to its tan wooden outer body. 

The body of this house is wonderfully complemented by the angular black roofs, which provide a nostalgic look to the home that really completes it. The home is easy to power and can be moved anywhere with ease, thanks to its built-in wheels. 

#6 – Purple Passion


No doubt, this mobile home has turned some heads everywhere it has ended up. Its characteristic purple paint job, complemented by flashes of pink, blue and turquoise, makes it an absolute joy to behold. 

The solar panels atop the roof also mean that it is perfect for living an eco-friendly lifestyle, while also saving the hassle of finding a power source wherever the home settles down. Solar power can provide hours of useful electricity, making this a wonderfully resourceful home.

#7 – Cartoon Home


Truly befitting of the word ‘Tiny’, this beautiful little home has a wonderfully quirky shape that looks like something straight out of a classic Sunday morning newspaper cartoon! Inside the home is just enough space for a single bed, and a beautiful writing desk, situated just under the small side window.

It’s amazing how much can fit inside of such a small and quaint home.

This compact home looks to be easy to transport, only needing two wheels to be carried, by utilizing the small porch-like area out-front. This little perch area is a wonderful spot to take in the open air and admire your surroundings when the house is settled. 

#8 – Red and Brown


This beautiful mobile home features an incredible color palette of warm and sunny browns, which are then perfectly completed by the deep red roof paneling, which creates a wonderful contrast, that makes the home pop out, whether settled in a campsite, or on the open road. 

The front porch also comes with a separate three-tier step, to allow for easier entry into the home without having to strain, which makes it a wonderfully comfortable home that is completely hassle-free!

#9 – Winding Staircase


The winding wooden spiral staircase towards the front of this mobile home makes it look rather like a fancy studio apartment! This staircase leads effortlessly up to a rooftop perch, so you don’t have to set up a rickety ladder, or duck your head to make it up the stairs, which makes it easy to prepare a round of drinks to carry up to the roof, to enjoy the sunset.

The wooden frame at the top of the home can be folded away when not in use, which further adds to the compact value of the home, and makes it much easier to transport between uses. 

#10 – Tall and Slender


This tiny and unassuming mobile home looks rather strikingly akin to an average backyard shed, but it boasts some serious comfort inside. While it may look deceptively small on the outside, inside there is plenty of dwelling space for an owner and even a beloved pet. Its tall shape means that you can receive two floors of space to call home.

And moving this home is easy as pie, thanks to its small frame, which also has its own set of small wheels so that you can move it small distances if necessary. 

#11 – Portable Porch


With its wonderfully unusual shape, this mobile home looks effortlessly modern and will be sure to be the envy of other mobile homeowners. The front porch, a wide wood-paneled area, is perfect for setting up a couple of comfortable chairs and sharing a cup of hot chocolate with someone you love. 

The elegant white and blue color scheme is unassuming and unobtrusive, made up of muted colors that wonderfully complement the outside world, rather than clashing against it. Just above the porch is a wonderful bedding area, complete with wide windows that allow the morning sun to spread right in, which provides a comfortable wake-up call. No alarm clocks needed!

#12 – Hobbit Hole on Wheels


With its wonderfully unique body shape, this mobile home will stand out in trailer parks and on the open road. The dark green roof perfectly contrasts with the chestnut-brown wood paneling to create an earthly, and almost fantastical little home that is perfect for a small family, or even just one person!

The front door, and roof windows also wonderfully jut out from the main body. The small metal chimney towards the top of the door gives the whole home a wonderfully steampunk-like image, which makes it perfect for those who want a little extra wow-factor from their mobile homes.

#13 – Modern Elegance on the Move


This oddly shaped mobile home certainly knows how to make a statement. Its simple wood paneling evokes images of warm and comfortable log cabins, which makes it a wonderfully enticing little home for taking to cold and snowy environments. The picture above should be more than enough to convince you that this mobile home is perfect for warm living on the move and that it looks absolutely elegant when contrasted against the muted colors of a snowy environment. 

The dark metal flourishes that outline the home also give it a modern flash that makes it better than just any old mobile home.

#14 – Convertible Canopy


Being able to make a lot from very little is the aim of many mobile home designers. And you can tell that the designers of this home have succeeded wonderfully. The canopy can be folded and unfolded between uses, to provide shade from blazing sun, or shelter from rainy conditions. When you’re not on the move, the canopy can easily be folded away, wrapping around the side of the home, and covering the large windows. 

Unfolding the canopy helps to make the home look like it is well settled, and there to stay, even if it’s only going to be sticking around for a few weeks!

#15 – Simplicity is King


With its ladder built directly into its design, you won’t have to worry about folding anything away when you hit the road. The ladder gives you easy access to a rooftop area to soak in the sunlight. The rooftop area is not too high up as to be dangerous, and can easily be ascended and descended, thanks to the wide and comfortable steps on the ladder.

Light can also easily enter the main home, thanks to the tall windows which provide excellent security while also allowing the outside world in. Its wood-paneling is also amazingly modern, with a highly engineered look that is made even better thanks to the mix of dark and light panels of wood. 

#16 – Round and Around


This tiny mobile home looks like a small slice of a larger pie. You could easily imagine this rounded shape as part of a larger home like the designers have taken a small portion of a wider home and then placed it atop some wheels! 

With plenty of wheels dotted all across its structure, this mobile home also allows for plenty of natural light to bleed in, which can save a great deal on electricity costs. The red-brown wood panels towards the top of the home contrast greatly with the larger blue panels across the rest of the body, divided by small white flourishes.

#17 – Turquoise Time


With a simplistic color scheme and design, it would probably be easy to write this mobile home off as nothing special, but its simplistic design is perhaps its best asset. This home somehow manages to perfectly balance nostalgic images of suburbia, while also having a uniquely modern design that is sure to stand out no matter where you take it. 

Lanterns upon both sides of the home also help to provide warm and comforting light that can act wonderfully as a beacon in the dark when you head out for late-night walks! 

#18 – Going Green


Taking suburbia wherever you go is one of the top desires of many mobile home owners, looking for a way to bring the comforts of suburban life with them wherever they go.

This also extends to the look of a home. Having a mobile home that looks straight out of a friendly neighborhood goes a long way to making anywhere feel like home. 

This green shaded mobile home can easily blend in with all sorts of natural surroundings, or in more contemporary settings, which makes it great for subtle mobile living that doesn’t draw too much attention, but does make you feel comfortable everywhere.

#19 – Ash Black


Boasting a look that makes it appear like it’s crawled through an intensely hot furnace, this jet black mobile home is perfectly compact, while still allowing great space for everyday life. Its striking appearance makes it wonderful for those who want a flashy mobile home that isn’t overloaded with harsh colors.

Flashes of color can be seen across the home, thanks in no small part to the chestnut brown wood that lines each window, and the poles that hold the small canopy above the porch.

#20 – Rustic Roller


This mobile home easily looks like it belongs wherever it ends up. With a subtle green and brown color scheme that makes it look entirely earthen, this home is perfect for those who want a portable holiday home, or anyone who wants to up sticks into the woods!

The simple design features little to mention, aside from its classical house-like shape. Subtlety is clearly the name of the game with this home, not wanting to distract from the beauty of the world around it.

Final Thoughts

While mobile homes may be built to do everything on a small scale, many clearly have large and great ideas and ambitions.

Surely you must now have a great sense of how wonderful mobile home living can be, and why it continues to prove incredibly popular across the world. 

Mobile homes can easily provide the domestic necessities in small packages, which make it easy to explore our wonderful world, without ever having to be too far from home.

If you want to get your own mobile home, then we hope that this list of some of the best has inspired you to find the perfect home that truly speaks to you!

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