20 Amazing Small Metal Building Homes

Today we want to showcase 20 amazing small metal building homes. As housing properties continue to rise; metal buildings require fewer maintenance necessities and typically cost less per square foot to erect.

If that’s not reason enough, metal homes are more energy-efficient and typically cost less to repair and extend. Many of our choices have extensions that make the home look even better.

Before we get into it, we are going to highlight the elephant in the room: “won’t metal buildings be cold and look cold from an aesthetic perspective?”

The good news is they are just like regular homes and are customizable to the individual. It won’t feel like living inside a freeing cold container. 

Sit back and enjoy these twenty amazing small metal buildings. Up first we have:

Outside Austin Texas


This cost-effective design is located just thirty minutes outside of Austin Texas. The sloped roof is ideal for protection against the elements during winter, and the metallic and dark brown color scheme is a commonly found theme in the local Texas Hill Country. What’s remarkable about this particular build is the transformation: you’d never know it was transformed just by looking at it. Remarkable.

Isle of Skye, Scotland


The shed-like design boasts corrugated aluminum walls that take reference from the local shed-style architecture of the UK island. The quaint home is situated on a steep hillside with views of the Outer Hebridean islands. Aptly known as “The Tinhouse”, the aluminum walls help protect the building from storms that are a common weather occurrence on the island. Practical and very original. We especially love that it overlooks the water.

Pollok, Texas


This very simple design has a fantastic rural feel, quite common in the southern states. This property is ideal for the owner with an abundance of livestock that can roam the vast amount of field outside the property (16 acres of land!) This rustic farmhouse comes with a storage shed, and shipping container to allow for extra storage. A metal tiny house that has the feel of Texas, with all of the charms to boot.

Granny Flats


Ever heard the term “Granny Flat?” These builds have been common in Europe for a while and are becoming more popular in the United States. They get their name by literally ‘storing’ your Granny in them. This is an excellent building for loved ones to live in, whilst still allowing you the freedom to enjoy your own space. We predict these will become more popular as the age of the average person increases.

Tiny House With A Gable Roof


Whilst not strictly a full-metal design, this hybrid with birch and plywood home, has to make the list for its many awesome features. At 220 square feet, the tiny home is portable, meaning that the home can be moved wherever the owner chooses. “Big enough to call home, yet small enough to take anywhere.” Well said. With a wall of windows on one side, and including solar panels, this design is eco-friendly and gives good lighting to the interior, whilst retaining a metallic feel with the color scheme.

Oklahoma, United States


This is really cool. An ex-Death Row prison guard has made an entire house from totally recycled, repurposed, and reclaimed material. This entire home only cost $55,000 which is a steal. The frame is built within a used steel carport the owner moved to the site and assembled.  Click the link and make sure to check out the interior: it’s very, very cool.

Queensland, Australia


We’re digging the funky color scheme in this 40-foot shipping container, turned into a tiny home located on Russell Island in Queensland Australia. The owner wanted to lower their overall footprint for the environment and converted this old shipping container to call their home. The project took two weeks, and the property comes with a decked outdoor seating area, carport, and the building is mounted on footings to protect the ground. You wouldn’t be able to miss this home if you were lost in the woods.

New Cuyama, California

Photo by Julia Georgallis in New Cuyama, California.

We get very strong army tank vibes when checking out this trailer-renovated we found over on Instagram. Not much is known about this enigmatic metal building, except it feels very sci-fi: as if someone is preparing for a zombie apocalypse. We never said a home couldn’t come in handy as a fortress!

Tiny House With A Gable Roof


We find A-frame-style homes so adorable and picturesque we had to include this one. It almost feels like a home written for a childhood story. This particular build is designed to withstand the elements, and the latest design from Kodiak Steel can be customized to the customer’s liking offering even more bespoke ideas. Imagine the roof full of snow as it glistens in the middle of winter.

Acorn by Nelson Tiny Houses


This cute and quaint aptly named Acorn House features a gabled roof and double dormers. It has a queen-sized sleeping loft as well as a storage loft so there’s plenty of room to live. The corrugated metal siding gives this property a cool hybrid look, along with the classic grey and mahogany colors. And you can take this baby off-grid if you want a change of scenery.



Down to the land of the rising sun now for this masterpiece of architectural design. Coming in at 624 square feet, the compact cottage combines a metal exterior with a wooden interior, for the best of both worlds. The extra level offers more value and extra space. With plenty of room upstairs for sleeping and looking out of the windows.

Sold out of Salt Lake City, Utah


Talk about tiny: this property is barely 104 square feet but offers so much with so little. The interior is completely kitted out with all the usual home amenities, and you could hide out anywhere if you decide you want to go off the grid. This was recently sold out of Utah for $25,000, an absolute steal.

Zion National Park, Utah


This 40-foot high shipping container has been converted into a fully kitted home: if you sat inside you wouldn’t even be able to tell you’re living in a converted container. This particular property has been shipped off to Zion National Park where it can be hooked up to the local utilities for its water, power, and sewage. We particularly enjoy the kitchen top surfaces and windows.

San Antonio, Texas


Sticking with the refurbished container theme, this eloquent guesthouse gives off a summery vibe with its foliage located on the roof and front patio. This would be a perfect option for traveling guests and who are looking for a place to stay. The blue color scheme is our favorite and completes the design of this magnificent attraction.

Texas-style, location unknown


This 250 foot squared tiny home is another hybrid creation, split between wood and a metal sliding wall. It almost gives off a Jekyll and Hyde vibe, with the juxtaposition of light and dark. Perfect for those who enjoy character with their home. The abundance of windows offers plenty of light and makes the interior much more welcoming.

Queensland, Australia


This could well be the perfect tiny house for the tiny family. Featuring two queen-sized lofts, a spacious bathroom, and a kitchen with a 2.7-meter long work surface, with enough character to create memories in this unforgettable modern property. No wonder the TEEWAH 7.2 is a popular family design. The kids have plenty of room to play on the porch, too.



We feel the best feature of this home is the large glass doors located at the front of the property, allowing a more welcoming feeling when you’re inside and breaking up the metallic vibe of the exterior. Some of the windows feature metal awnings, which means they can be opened and closed for added privacy. It also has a fireplace installed so this property immediately wins cozy abode status.



This little treat is known as The Envy, and living here you’ll be the envy of all your friends and colleagues. At around 144 square feet, the brown and green match the exterior and give off Autumn vibes. You can find the living room and kitchen on the ground floor, with the bedroom filling up the top floor. It also comes equipped with a ceiling fan to keep things cool during the hot summer months.

Kentucky, United States


This 1955 Spartan Royal Mansion, inspired by the classic 1950’s trailer, feels like a beautiful piece of architecture stuck in time for all to see. Even the interior features a retro touch to complete the package. The light blue and grey add a calming touch to the model and we really dig the ceramic sink with bronze tap.

San Antonio, United States


Finishing off with another vintage trailer, a couple from San Antonio who specializes in this craft has repurposed the above. Complete with all the essentials and just enough room to sleep, this would be ideal for touring the United States and exploring the off-beat paths to find somewhere new to discover.

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