20 Amazing Small Homes With Pools

Having a small home doesn’t mean that you ever have to sacrifice creating truly innovative and elegant spaces. Many of the most expensive and fancy homes across the world are actually comparatively smaller than cheaper homes!

These fancy homes know how best to utilize every single inch of space that they have. 

Perhaps the height of modern luxury in home design is the personal swimming pool! Having your own swimming pool is the dream of many homeowners; a space where you can freely get some relaxing exercise without having to share the space with other people! Could you ever ask for anything more luxury than that?

However, swimming pools take up a considerable amount of space, and without the right planning and space management, a personal pool becomes entirely unfeasible!

Luckily, some extraordinary home designers have managed to create amazing small homes that have their own swimming pools, and they are an absolute wonder to behold!

Let’s have a look at a few of some of the best; no doubt you’ll be desperate to move in as soon as you see some of them! 

#1 – Windows Galore

Windows Galore

It is rather remarkable the difference that some well-placed windows can have on a home space. Windows allow in a good amount of natural sunlight so that you can save money on your electricity bills, and this sunlight is also beneficial to your mental health, thanks to its richness in vitamin D! 

But who’d ever thought of creating an entire wall made up of windows? The designers of this wonderful home took a risk with this small home, which has an entire wall made up only of windows, and it paid off amazingly!

They also managed to find space for a narrow pool, to make swimming laps easy, from one end of the garden to another. Its azure blue waters glisten from the light reflecting off of the large windows.

#2 – Simple and Square

Simple and Square

The seemingly Mediterranean influence on this home really shines through in its simple but effective design. Made up of square shapes, with defined edges, and with a simple white color scheme, this home screams modern luxury, while also having a resort-like look. 

Every day spent living here would feel like a holiday, thanks to its easy access to a backyard swimming pool, complete with lounging facilities, such as the turquoise blue chairs, and the canopied rear porch.

This home would be amazing in rain or shine, thanks to its simple design, and its focus on drawing in the outside air; which is made easier thanks to its large windows and sliding doors. 

#3 – S-Shaped Structure

S-Shaped Structure

Surrounded by a simple wooden decking that provides a wonderful orange contrast to the deep blues of the swimming pool, this home has a wonderful sense of color theory.

To the other side of the pool is a small lawn that, during the summer months will shine with a deep green hue, creating a veritable backyard rainbow of colors. 

The home itself has a simple design, which features lots of openings, to allow for easy airflow, and easy access to the wonderful swimming pool.

The home, split across two floors, features a deep black outer shape that snakes upwards in an S-like shape. The upper floor has access to a large open-air balcony, which is perfect for looking over the yard and soaking in the sun.

#4 – Narrow Fit

Narrow Fit

Again, it’s remarkable what a good home designer can do with a small and narrow space. This small white home is perfect for the sunny conditions that surround it, standing out greatly against the deep blues of the open sky. 

Towards the back of the property stretches a long and narrow pool, which makes for an amazingly relaxing spot to swim some laps at your leisure.

To really seal the deal with this home, the access to the amazing swimming pool is made much easier, thanks to its rear doors, which lead straight from the home to the pool. With these doors, you can easily step from the living room and dip straight into the pool! How cool is that?

#5 – Night Time Swim

Night Time Swim

With the warm glow from the lighting of this small home reflecting in the waters of the pool; taking a late-night dip would be a truly otherworldly experience. Luckily for the owner of this home, they can do this every single night! 

The home itself is small and squat, which makes it appear compact and unobtrusive, which means that it blends perfectly with the green lawns, the trees, and the skies that surround it. The house is surrounded on all sides by a large roof that reaches out like a canopy so that the outdoors can be enjoyed even when it’s raining, and the windows won’t be thundering from the rain.

Even relaxing beside the pool is considered in this home, with a long couch to spread out on, and even a family dining table, to eat beneath the stars! 

#6 – Small Pool Simplicity

Small Pool Simplicity

This pool area looks almost like a fairy fountain from a fantasy novel. Surrounded on all sides by plants and grass, taking a dip in this pool would feel like kicking back in pure a small unknown forest glade. 

Towards the right side of the pool is a small deck area, complete with comfortable, deck chairs, so that you can stop for a moment and take in the fragrant air, flavored with the various plant life surrounding you.

The swimming pool may not have space for full-on laps, but as a spot to escape intense summer temperatures, and to get away from your desk, it more than does the job! 

#7 – Outdoor Leisure

Outdoor Leisure

The backyard pool area of this home almost completely outsizes the home itself! With a completely decked area complete with the swimming pool, a dining table, and a long corner couch, you’ll never be at a loss for wonderful spots to relax here! 

Whether you choose to take a dip in the cooling waters or lounge on a sunbed, you’ll be able to feel the most relaxed it would be possible to feel! Invite friends and family over for a dinner party, and you are onto a night to remember thanks to the wealth of seating areas, and the large lawn space available. 

#8 – Swim and Relax


With two differently sized pools available in the backyard of this quaint home, you can choose to dip in the waters to enjoy the bubbles of the hot tub or swim a few laps in the larger pool. Either option would create a sense of luxury that can be enjoyed at one’s own leisure!

The pool area itself is decorated throughout with small but beautiful plants that give the area a relaxing and natural feel that aids in creating peace of mind. 

#9 – Palm Tree Paradise

Palm Tree Paradise

The most wonderful aspect of this small home is the characteristic palm tree that adorns the center of the backyard area. This palm tree adds a luxurious touch to the home and helps to create an exotic feel to the home. As well as this, in intense sunshine, it will also create a natural spot of shade to escape the intense heats! 

The home itself is simple and unassuming, with clear white walls capped with red tiles to create an exotic look that is calming and pleasant both to look at from the outside and to explore from the inside! 

#10 – Large Pool, Large Character

Large Pool, Large Character

The large blue pool that spreads out from the back of this small home really helps to complete the image of luxury that the home has. With muted colors of brown and grey, this home is subtle and quiet, which makes its pool appear even larger than it actually is.

The owners of this home can easily host amazing pool parties, thanks to the large pool capacity, and its easy access to the larger home. This also makes it a wonderful place to call home, with little hassle needed to go from cooking in the kitchen to dipping in the pool!

#11 – House on the Water

House on the Water

The amazing thing about this house is the way that the pool lightly wraps around its farthest point. If you were to look out of the windows of this home, you’d likely see the waters of the pool lapping gently against the wall, and reflecting light into the home in that pleasant way that water does. 

Sun Loungers can easily be placed just outside of the large sliding doors, to allow for an immensely comfortable seating area to soak up the rays, and to smell the fresh air.

The small shallow front part of the pool also makes it easy to sit and dip your toes in the water, to get the cooling effect without having to get completely wet! 

#12 – Symmetry is King

Symmetry is King

Clear and defined shapes appear to be the name of the game with this home. The house itself features very simple block shapes, with clear white walls that are complemented amazingly by deep black and brown roofs that angle directly upwards. 

The pool features a simple rectangular shape, with a tiered walkway to ease yourself into the waters. Even the tiles that line the pool help to create that symmetrical look that the whole home boasts, with each tile being the same small square shape.

The color of the tiles also helps to make the waters appear a natural blue, which helps to blend it well with the variety of plants and trees that surround and hang over the pool.

#13 – Classical Meets Contemporary

Classical Meets Contemporary

Featuring an amazing design that blends classic British countryside architecture with modern sensibilities, this home is an absolute marvel of modern architectural design. The brick chimney helps to complete this blend, thanks to its patchwork of varying brick sizes and shapes, which helps to sell that rustic look that clashes elegantly with the modern sleekness of the swimming pool.

The swimming pool is illuminated by small lights that help it to shine with a saturated blue color, which complements the warm yellow glow of the house’s lighting amazingly.

Living in this house would feel like a dream straight out of a Snow White fairytale, blended with an amazing vision of futuristic living! 

#14 – Cubist Modernism

Cubist Modernism

This home has an immensely eclectic look, thanks to its unique architecture, which sees rectangular shapes arranged in irregular patterns, to create a truly unique and unparalleled kind of home. The home is complete with a subtle brown color that works great with the simple reflective windows which reach from the roof to the floor, letting in a great amount of sunlight. 

The home also features brickwork that gives the home a handmade look that stands in stark contrast to the carefully constructed modern look of the rest of the home. This helps to really make the home stand out from the rest that we’ve seen so far.

Its swimming pool only helps to add to the wonderful image of this home. The pool is of a simple shape, with a blue hue that is only slightly divided from the green lawn by a small lining of concrete. This helps to aid in the sense of contrast that the home specializes in. 

#15 – Private Pool

Private Pool

For those seeking a little bit of privacy for their pool, this home design is sure to create some amazing inspiration. The small pool is built directly into the backyard, sunken into the ground, which means there are no square shapes interrupting or obstructing the simplicity of this home’s design. 

Every wall is plain and simple, with no immense bells and whistles to distract. The pool can easily be accessed from the small home, thanks to a large sliding door that boasts large windows that let in natural light which easily reflects around the house, thanks to the white walls and smooth floors. 

Plants and small palm trees help to give the house a final exotic flourish, with green features that stand out against the plain walls that surround the backyard.

#16 – Space Saving Pool

Space Saving Pool

Getting an incredible personal pool on a budget is possible if this home is any proof at all. It might look rather counterintuitive to have a relaxing swimming pool situated right next to a parked car, but by maximizing the potential of the outdoor space like this, creating a swimming pool like this is possible even in heavily busy suburbs! 

The pool is small and narrow but reaches right to the end of the yard, which makes it a perfect exercising spot that can also be used to find relaxation.

The blue tiles within the pool help to increase the beauty of it, by creating the sense of a refreshing oasis that shines with a deeply saturated color. 

#17 – Convertible Pool

Convertible Pool

If you have limited backyard space, but loads of backyard design ideas, it can be difficult to satisfy every creative part inside of you that wants amazing ideas in the yard. 

An incredibly clever modern design feat is the idea of a hidden pool. These pools can be hidden under wooden decking that can be rolled away from its position, to reveal a swimming pool.

This is great for those who need an adaptable yard that can cater for a party one night, and then provide a relaxing swimming spot the next night! 

This pool is also great for cleanliness, with the pool being easily covered when not in use, which keeps leaves and small creatures from entering it overnight.

The decking design also means that your backyard isn’t left overnight with the unsightly blue appearance of a pool cover! 

#18 – Backyard Getaway

Backyard Getaway

The hanging seat beside the pool really helps to create a chilled-out vibe in this backyard. You can easily imagine sitting in that seat and whiling away the hours, letting your mind clear as the soothing swinging motion whisks you away.

The pool beside it offers ample space to feel the refreshing water, in case you need a quick aquatic escape, or you want to escape from the summer heat.

The home is simple, thanks to its snow-white design that stands out amongst the blue of the swimming pool, and the vibrant greens of the carefully managed lawn. The plants that dot the yard help to create small spots of nature throughout the modern and well-designed home. 

#19 – Exotic Home Design

Exotic Home Design

The exotic shape of this small home is completed thanks to the Japanese-inspired roofs, made of red and brown tiles and pillars that stand out atop the white walls. The small outdoor area features a canopied spot, with a comfortable couch, and coffee table, to enjoy the outdoors even during rainy weather.

When the sun is out and shining brightly, then the green grasses effortlessly reflect the light around, and the blue pool tempts you to take a dip, to feel the cool waters take over. The blue-tiled pool adds a splash of color to an otherwise simple and subtle color palette of browns and intense whites. 

The backyard is also dotted with tall palm trees, with long branches that reach down towards the ground, and rustle lightly in the wind, to create a soothing sound that is almost rather hypnotic! 

#20 – Unique Pool Shape

Unique Pool Shape

With rich chestnut brown wooden planks leading directly into the light turquoise blue pool, in every way, this home is tempting you to take a dip in its cool waters. The small home is unassuming and simplistic, featuring a squat square design, with a flat roof. The walls are pure white, with brown doors that stand out.

The trees are adorned with decorations, such as yellow lanterns, that create a blend between nature and home deco design. 

The blend of tree types helps to create the sense of a natural wonderland, with palm trees giving the yard an exotic look that helps the home to stand out.

To Sum Up

Adding an amazing swimming pool is a great way to make a home truly shine. Not only does a swimming pool actually add value to a home, but it can also be incredibly beautiful and useful for those living in the house. 

Swimming pools don’t require a large home to truly work out, and even the smallest of homes can accommodate a good-sized swimming pool, with a little bit of careful planning and innovative design.

Some swimming pools are sunken into the ground, or raised high.

Some pools are kept inside the home, and some sit just short of the house outside! There is a wide variety of pools across the world just waiting for someone to take a dip.

If you want to create your own backyard swimming pool, but have previously been hesitant about the amount of space that you have, we hope that this list of inspiring ideas has helped to convince you that getting your one pool is well within the realm of possibility. You just need the right tools and a little bit of creativity!

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