20 Amazing Small Elevators For Homes

In the last year, more and more people have started to add elevators in their multi-level houses. These projects can be as cheap as $30k or as expensive as $300k, but the improvement to your home will be valued for a lifetime.

Whether you want to carry up food and drinks to a higher floor easily, or if you want to help an elderly relative move through the home with ease, adding a small elevator into your home can make every room more accessible.

For some people, the benefit is more to do with space, as elevators can remove the need for bulky stairs. Without the staircases, you are left with more storage or walking space.

Today we are going to show you 20 amazing elevators that will look beautiful in your home.

1.The Domestic Lift Company


The Domestic Lift Company’s beautiful and compact elevators are perfect for people who want a more stable way to reach the higher levels of their home. The small chamber means you can put the machine almost anywhere in your home, and it won’t take up tons of space.

If you wanted to, you could put it inside a cabinet, so when out of use, the elevator is hidden away.

2.Vacuum Elevators


If the round shape from The Domestic Lift Company looks interesting to you, but you wanted more space to put in a wheelchair, or multiple people, then we suggest taking a look at Vacuum Elevators. They create stylish and larger elevators that are still appropriate for small-sized homes.

Vacuum Elevators do have smaller sizes if this one seems too large, so browse through their collection to find out more.

3.Archi Products


If you were hoping for something a little less modern looking and a little more rustic, have a look at Archi Product’s elevators. Their square frame would be the perfect design for most classic home styles, so the new lift shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Depending on your needs, you can also have a large or small sized elevator to choose from.

4.Access Technologies


Access Technologies not only creates amazing elevators, but they also work on automatic doors to help people who need an extra hand moving around their living space. These technologies are designed to fit into standard homes of any size so that everyone has peace of mind when traveling around their home.

5.Access Technology


If the work ethic of Access Technology seemed perfect, but the style was too modern for your taste, then you might prefer some of their more business-like elevators.

They are still usable in standard-sized homes but allow more than one person to ride the lift and are big enough for wheelchairs too.

6.Direct Lifts


Direct Lifts are an Australian company, and they not only create beautiful lifts for modernized homes, but they also add in extra safety features as standard. These include phones which connect to pre-inserted numbers like a loved one or a hospital, as well as emergency stops if someone were to have a tumble while riding the lift.

Hopefully, none of these will be needed, but Direct Lift would like to make sure that you are safe no matter what.

7.Stiltz Home Lifts


Stiltz is a British company which you can probably tell from their sharp hexagon style elevators. They choose this style as most British homes are smaller than American ones. This means that the elevators need to be squeezed into a corner, so they don’t take up much room. If you have a smaller home, then Stiltz might have the perfect solution to your lift needs.

8.Stiltz Home Lifts


If you like the idea of a space-saving elevator but aren’t a fan of the hexagon shape from before, Stiltz has created another small lift that leaves behind an arch-like walkway when not in use. This means that your home doesn’t have to sacrifice its walking space for the rest of time.

9.Access Technology


You may have noticed by now, but Access Technology has a lot of excellent ideas to show you about lifts. This one here is our favorite. Putting an elevator into an unused cupboard space means you can tuck away the technology when no one is using it, and you won’t be left with an eyesore in the room. Better yet, this particular lift is big enough for a wheelchair, which is perfect.



If you were hoping for something a little cheaper, then you should look through the categories available in Elevators. They have both new and used lifts for you to look through, and some of them are open-top, like the one in this photo. This means that people who worry about claustrophobia can still use an elevator without triggering their fears.

11.Cibes Lift


If you were hoping to find an elevator that is functional outdoors, then check out Cibes Lifts. They are an Indian company that mainly works on elevators for businesses, but their residential collection is surprisingly modern compared to India’s traditional style.

12.Cibes Lift


Here we have another lift that works wonderfully in a home setting. The ample space can fit multiple people or stability equipment like wheelchairs. As the buttons are nice and large, people with poor eyesight can still understand and see the controls they need to press.

Although the bland colors are standard for this particular elevator, you can request white, blacks, and custom colors.

13.Access Elevator


Here is another elevator by Stiltz, but this time in partnership with Access Elevator. The small design is perfect for stand-sized houses, and the metal frame will work with almost every style. This means you don’t have to worry about making sure your home will still feel like yours when this new technology is built into it.

14.Vacuum Elevators


We have already discussed Vacuum Elevator’s designs before, and if you liked their work but wanted something smaller, then this two-person elevator could be the perfect fit for you. Although it is considered a two-person elevator, that figure is mostly calculated in average weight. In reality, two children will fit comfortably in this lift, but an adult would probably prefer to take this ride alone.

15.Ali Express


This particular elevator is perfect for homes with more than two stories, as its technical ability can be used in more ways than some of the other elevators on this list. The sleek design also would fit perfectly into a home that is covered in stone or marble, as the white casing would add to the overall elegant aesthetic.

Day Elevator is another lift that uses Pneumatic Vacuums to move the platforms up and down. It is a gentle movement that doesn’t require heavy machinery like commercial lifts do. This is why you can put them in your home and not worry about how much space they will take up. There are no cables and pistons to move the elevator along. Instead, the vacuum space does all the work for you.



This design from Caring shows that strong and sturdy elevators can look beautiful when put into the right location. Unlike the vacuum lifts, these elevators do use pistons and cables to pull the elevator from floor to floor. This means you will need extra spaces around your home to put the large machinery required to work the lift.

18.Cibes Lifts


This particular Cibes lift isn’t from India but instead is from the Philippines. The sleek design can match perfectly with American styles, and as the picture suggests, it can seamlessly fall into the background of your home without seeming out of place. Cibes pride themselves on creating luxurious elevators for beautiful homes. This is why most of their lifts are customizable, so the equipment matches the house.

19.Symmetry Elevators


Our elevators so far have looked extremely modern or even futuristic, but if you were interested in a cupboard space elevator that seemed more rustic than clinical, then check out Symmetry’s design. This wooden aesthetic fits perfectly with older homes or warmer decorations. It fits in with these types of dwellings without taking away from the minimalist style.

That being said, if you need a chair to make your elevator even safer, Symmetry can work with you to add in these essential safety features.

20.Lift Style


Last but not least, we have another Australian elevator company to take inspiration from. Designed for corners of your room, like the British aesthetic, Lift Style tries to add subtly to your elevators, so they can be used for practical use without getting in the way of your life or your style. 

Designed for one person at a time, these lifts cannot fit a wheelchair, but this streamlined nature means that they can be easily ignored when you enter a home.

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