20 Amazing Rustic Log Cabins

When we talk about rustic log cabins, we talk about wooden cabins, with visible logs in the structure and build, that is rustic. Now, rustic essentially means that something is simple, and unsophisticated in its appearance and nature. And that’s not a bad thing! 

In fact, there is something incredibly appealing about simplistic rustic log cabins, as they evoke wilderness, peace, tranquility, and a place within surrounding nature. They are cozy, welcoming, and above all, aesthetically pleasing. 

To help you with some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of 20 amazing rustic log cabins, with images for you to see. 

1.The Dunton Hot Springs Cabin, in Colorado


This beautiful cabin is in the alpine valley, deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and the views do not disappoint in the slightest. Just look at that scenery! We’re obsessed, and it basically looks like a painting.

To be more precise, this cabin belongs to a resort, Dunton Destinations, which offers plenty of different rustic log cabins for you to stay at.

They are all simple yet breathtaking, cozy, and fully furnished, with service that provides food and other necessities. 

2.The Prosperity Lodge, British Columbia


Up above on a ridge, above Williams Lake, in British Columbia. That is exactly where you will find this breathtaking rustic log cabin, which is no less than 5,500 square feet in size. 

The inspiration for this design, according to the owners, was “for everyone to be together and feel comfortable”, so it has a very welcoming feel to it, which suits the style. The floorplan has an open living, cooking, and dining space, and then there are plenty of private bedrooms for the guests.

Also, it’s worth noting one of the more unique aspects of this cabin, which is that the logs seem as though they are growing from the ground!

3.The Shooting Star Cabin, Montana


This simple yet beautifully appealing rustic log cabin can be found right bang in the heart of Paradise Valley, close to the Yellowstone National park, in Montana. It might look small from the outside, but inside it is full of space, with a vaulted pine ceiling that adds to the aesthetic. It is welcoming in its simplicity and comes with wooden furniture, and an open plan living space, perfect for gatherings of friends and family. 

Some extra details about this cabin, it has a large spa tub in the bathroom, and it has a covered deck area with seating so that you can relax and enjoy the views! And trust us, the views are to die for. 

4.The Rustic Log Cabin on Wheels, wherever it decides to go


If you like tiny homes, but want to keep the vibe of a beautiful rustic log cabin, just take a look at this one. It is just 198 square feet in size, but it has a kitchen, a living area, a one-bedroom, and a bathroom. What else do you need? 

And seriously, is there anything more appealing than a house that can be taken anywhere in the world? It is so unique to find a rustic cabin with wheels, that it makes it all the more enchanting. It was designed and built by SpiceBox, with the purpose of making it functional, affordable, and energy-efficient. They also made it cute as hell. 

Some more details: this cabin was made out of reclaimed materials! It also has a vintage RV stove and passive solar heating. 

5.The Springs Retreat


This amazing rustic log cabin actually has two stories, meaning it has plenty of space. It is also the only building within a 12-acre woodland area, so peace and quiet are more than ensured! It is quaint, cute, and incredibly welcoming. 

It features an open-plan living space, decorated to match the rustic aesthetic, and it honestly feels like a little safe haven to hide away from the chaos and noise of the world. Somewhere where you can retreat, and live out your nature dreams. 

6.The Cozy Rustic Log Cabin, Lookout Mountain


This is seriously one of our favorite rustic log cabins on this list, because it is full of magical details, and is beyond aesthetically pleasing, it’s an absolute dream. It is located on Lookout Mountain, GA, and the rustic look matches the beautiful scenery around it. 

The cabin features a large room, with a private suite that has its own entrance! Complete with its own kitchen and living area, bathroom, and a few beds. The plants are probably what makes this cabin so pretty, and the owners actually grow organic food that they then use to make the meals for the guests staying there! 

7.The most Spectacular Rustic Log Cabin, Caledon (Canada)


Okay so the cabin itself isn’t that spectacular, although it is still incredibly beautiful, with a cozy rustic feel to it that matches the aesthetic we are looking for. What makes it truly the most spectacular, is the environment it is set in. 

Located in Caledon, Canada, it features 15 acres of woodland, with a half-acre pond out the front! Imagine waking up, watching the sunrise, and then taking a refreshing swim! It truly captures the rustic lifestyle and doesn’t even have any running water, so it gives you a full-on experience. 

There are two floors, and the second floor is reached through a ladder that takes you into the A-framed roof. So literally everything about this cabin screams simplicity, in an enchanting way. 

8.A cabin off the path, Jackson, WY


This rustic log cabin was designed by Ellis Nunn Architects, and they truly captured the simplistic yet welcoming aesthetic of rustic living. What makes this cabin stand out is that it has a defined perimeter and a beautiful stone path that allows you to access it with ease. 

Overall, the cabin looks like a modern home that has decided to adopt the rustic vibe, and therefore, it looks perfect for relaxing and taking some days away from the chaos of everyday life. Inside, every detail has been carefully curated to uphold the rustic image, and all in all, it’s one of our favorites. 

9.The Double Decked Cabin, in Bainbridge Island


There is a lot going for this rustic log cabin, mainly that it is set in a beautiful secluded location full of peace and tranquility, perfect for a getaway weekend in which you can just enjoy the nature around you, and the rustic feel of the cabin. Located in Bainbridge Island, it features two acres of land and is surrounded by woodland. 

The cabin itself has plenty of beautiful details, including spacious decks, French doors, stained-glass windows, and a cozy interior that is luxurious in its comfort. 

10.The Gnarly Cabin, in Breckenridge


This rustic log cabin is a little on the bigger side, but that’s exactly what gives it its fairy tale look, as it could be a fitting mansion for a queen of the forest! It has beautiful hand-hewn pillars, and the staircases around the cabin make it fit for royalty. Just think of all the aesthetic photoshoot ideas you could have here! 

It was designed by the Mountain Log Homes & Interiors team, and the interior is completely made out of authentic red cedar wood, adding to the rustic feel. It also features a stone fireplace, and a faux animal bust over the mantel, to keep with the style. 

11.A uniquely stylish cabin, in Gatlinburg


On the east coast of Tennessee, this is a cabin within a gated area, occupying 5,122 square feet. It has two wrap-around porches and beautiful views of the Smoky mountains. And overall, the rustic vibes are perfect for a getaway, especially with how spacious it is inside! 

12.The Luxury Cabin, in Minneapolis 


Rustic log cabins don’t always have to be simple, and this one is the perfect example of that! It is luxurious, comfortable, and has plenty of space. It manages to be modern while retaining the rustic feel, and of course, it is paired with some beautiful surrounding scenery. 

13.The Dry Cabin, in Fairbanks, AK


It is called the Dry Cabin because it has no running water, and what better way to embrace the simplistic lifestyle of a rustic log cabin? But it isn’t completely dry, as it features an outdoor RV-style shower, and the kitchen is equipped with water so that you can comfortably stay a few days. 

Also, the Alaskan nature that surrounds this cabin? Truly spectacular. 

14.The Cedar Wood Cabin, in Pacific, MO


This rustic log cabin is unique in that it has a 1950s style, perfect for a summer getaway to experience nature and adventure. It has a 20-acre lake, perfect for swimming and fishing, and is surrounded by beautiful woodland. 

Inside it is spacious and comfortable, and perfect for relaxing or spending days doing fun activities!

15.The fairy tale cabin, in Izvoare, Romania


Romania, and in particular Transylvania, doesn’t have to be all about vampires all the time. You can also just relax and enjoy the fairy tale surroundings in a beautiful rustic cabin! This one, in particular, is spacious and full of luxury, comfortable and perfect for a dreamy getaway. 

It has an open floor plan, with beautiful views and a wood-fired hot tub for the evenings!

16.The Mexican Cabin, Australia


(photo taken from https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/17-log-cabins-we-love-51208)

Although this rustic log cabin is located in Australia, it is inspired by Mexican historical cabins, and it is surrounded by vibrant green plants and a beautiful porch, to meet the specific aesthetic.

The interior is cozy, warm, and inviting, perfect for a peaceful getaway far from modern life. 

17.The Waterfront Cabin, in White Salmon, WA


This classic rustic log cabin is surrounded by beautiful scenery, overlooking the White Salmon River. It is peaceful, secluded, and welcoming, perfect for escaping everyday life for a bit. 

The raised deck that it features comes with a fire pit, perfect for gathering with friends or family well into the night. It is also fully furnished and full of hand-crafted details, and the perfect base for adventuring! 

18.The Tiny Rustic Log Cabin, in Brampton, UK


This rustic cabin is small and narrow, with not much space. But it is more than enough for a comfortable stay surrounded by beautiful nature, where you can enjoy the peace and tranquility that seclusion offers. 

Despite being tiny it is functional, equipped with all of the essentials, and has been styled to be charming throughout. 

19.The Swedish Log Cabin, in Monroe, WA


This cabin is big and spacious, with an impressive A-frame dormer at the front that is paired with 100-year old doors. With pine ceilings and a stone fireplace, it is beautiful in its rustic aesthetic. 

The land includes 10 acres, with views of the Olympic Mountains, Mount Baker, and The Cascades. Ideal for exploring the surrounding nature, and having somewhere comfortable to return to and relax!

20.The Floating Cabin, Golden Lake, Canada


The name comes from the cabin being right on the front of the Golden Lake, so close that if you look out from the porch it is like being above the water! Ideal for those that want to swim, fish, or perform other water activities, with the tranquility and seclusion of a rustic getaway. 

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