20 Amazing Luxury Tiny Homes

For the longest time, western societies have been consumed by the “bigger is better” ethos. The idea that the larger something is, the more expensive or useful it must be, is impressed upon us from an early age, but these luxury tiny homes are turning that notion on its head in a BIG way!

They prove that just because a house is small, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s spare or wanting. So, without further ado, let’s put the diminutive dens redefining luxury for a generation, under the microscope!

1.This House in Washington That’s Utterly to Die For


This gorgeous tiny home may look a little like a miniature barn, but it’s way too fancy for the animals to keep all to themselves. Just look at that little porch! And if you look real close, you might just make out the swing bench behind the fence, too.

Oh, to sit on that bench, rocking to and fro watching the sunset… I’d be happy as a clam, and just check out the peaceful forest location!

2.This Miniscule Masterpiece


Even houses so small they can be put on wheels don’t have to sacrifice luxury. Just look at this divine dwelling; it’s positively oozing with modern chic, and that window game is on point too. Imagine the natural light the lucky owners must enjoy every single morning — it’s a painter’s dream home!

3.This Triangular Triumph


I’m sorry, just give me a sec… the fact that I don’t live in this miraculous little luxury prism is hurting my soul. From the exterior decking to the warming amber glow emanating from within, this house is perfect, corner to corner.

I’d also like to draw your attention to the long steam train-esque chimney to your right. We both know what that means — there’s a log burner inside! Oh lord, I feel like we need to come up with a whole new word to describe just how luxurious and cozy this tiny home is… cozurious perhaps? No? Okay, I’ll work on it.

4.This Tiny Home with a Dreamy Interior


Okay, so we can only peep the interior of this one, but really… do we need anything more? Let’s play count the luxuries, shall we? 1. Plump pillows. 2. Gas range with extraction. 3. Epic skylight overlooking the bedroom. 4. Downlights. 5. Real wooden EVERYTHING. 6. Plants for days. ‘Nuff said.

5.This Tiny Activity Hub


The more you look at this luxury tiny home, the more amazing it becomes. First, the eye’s drawn to the mini cottage to our right with the gorgeous porch and stone feature walls, then you see the glass front dining area, and, of course, the beautiful balcony area complete with ambient lighting. 

But take a closer look around this last section. Do you see it yet? Yep, that, my friend, is a spiral slide and a climbing wall. I know it’s for kids, but imagine having a few cocktails on the balcony and going for a slide as and when you feel like it.

6.This Multifaceted Forest Home


If you often feel that “into the wild” urge to live a simple life in the woods until you remember that your creature comforts have made you soft, and you’d never survive out there, allow me to introduce you to this amazing micro home.

Big deck space with a hammock for lounging in the sun, solar power to keep all your gizmos and gadgets running, a real log fire to keep your toes cozy come evening time… this place has way more amenities than my regular-sized home.

7.This Jealousy-Inspiring Mini Home Interior


Have you seen how bougie this “tiny home” is? Every single panel of wood looks more expensive than my whole house — that’s some fine grain! And check out the beams at the back. Boy, do I love me some beams.

8.This Tiny Home That’s Also a Tiny Bridge


We’ve all had that dream of living in that lovely house by the river, but the builders of this cute little property took things a step further and built their home over the river — touché.

Picture standing on that porch in the morning, sipping your first cup of Joe of the day, still shaking the dreams from your head, and looking on down that river. What a life!

9.This Luxury Eco-Pod


Does a fairy live here? Guys… I think a fairy lives here.

10.This Dragon-Inspired Den


This luxurious tiny home is rekindling my childhood love of dragons. Check out the scale detail on the roof and the spikes on the handrail. I’m not sure if that’s particularly safe, but it sure does look cool.

It also has what looks to be an insane hutch beneath it, making it one of the most luxurious tiny homes for both people and pets that I’ve come across.

11.This Tiny Home with a Freaking Pool


It’s a tiny home with a pool, folks. I don’t really know what else to say. I mean, look at it; it’s breathtaking. Tell me you wouldn’t take a dip in that crystal clear water! Throw in a dope curly slide à la tiny house number 5, and I think this might just be my dream home.

12.This Tiny Home That’s So Perfect it Almost Looks Fake


This house may be small, but it’s drop-dead gorgeous, more luxurious than all the homes on my block put together, and I want to look inside more than anything else in this world.

13.The Treehouse to End All Treehouses


Calling all Adventure Time fans! This is about as close as you’ll find to Finn and Jake’s treehouse in real life, and it’s completely mesmerizing. You’ve got the decking on both sides, decking beneath the house, a rope swing, a hammock set up between two of the pillars… I’d do anything to live here.

14.This Very, Very little House on the Prairie


I love the colors of this upmarket tiny home. Despite its size, it still looks fancy as heck, and you know if the camera was to turn just a couple of centimeters to the left, those views would be popping off too!

This is the kind of house I could imagine a 19th-century superstar escaping to in the summer to enjoy some peace and quiet away from their celebrity status.

15.This Eerie Yet Beautiful Traditional-Vibe Tiny Home


I know, I know… I get haunted vibes from this tiny house too, but you know as soon as that mist clears, the only thing we’d be feeling is jealousy that we don’t live in this straight-up marvel of miniature architecture.

Those long chapel-style windows are as elegant as it gets, and can you see how the decking is built around the tree? That’s some next-level stuff right there!

16.This Tiny Home Interior with Tons of Storage Space


Tiny homes typically have ladders for inhabitants to climb up into their sleeping quarters when it’s time to throw some ZZZs, but the makers of this awesome house decided that stairs were a luxury they weren’t prepared to give up.

How did they make it work? Well, if you take a closer look at the staircase, you’ll notice that not only does each step double up as a storage unit, but there are even more storage spaces beneath them. That’s some miraculous multipurpose interior design if you ask me.

19.This Heavenly Home High up in the Swiss Alps


This is one of the most remote tiny homes on the planet, so if you plan on making a visit, then you’d best pack your walking boots. To reach it, you have to hike for 2 hours up into the Swiss Alps, but once you get there, you may be surprised to find such luxuries as a top-of-the-line stove/heater and multiple solar-powered USB charging ports.

There’s no mains water supply (obviously), but the water of the streams flowing down the mountain is so pure, that you can collect it directly from the wild to use as drinking, shower, and cleaning water.

18.This Tiny Home That Looks Like an Alien Artifact


I don’t know if it’s my love of pizza that draws me to these triangular tiny homes or if I’m just bored with rectangles, but whatever it is, I can’t seem to get enough of them. With the perimeter raised ever so slightly off the floor, this home appears to be levitating.

19.This Symmetrical Escape


I bet you’ve never seen a tiny home with an outdoor fire pit. Before I saw this ingenious bit of architecture by Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danessi, I hadn’t either.

Inside there is a surprisingly spacious rainfall shower, a sink, a small range, and that long thing that looks like an upside-down pin is actually a super-futuristic chimney and log burner. Supposedly, it contains an integrated system for catching, filtering, and storing rainwater beneath the dual modules.

20.This Tiny Home That Doesn’t Even Seem Like it Should Stand Up-Right


Somehow this uber-modern tiny home blends into the natural habitat incredibly well. Despite the crisp edges and warming interior glow, the irregularity of the windows gives it an un-orchestrated appeal, as if it could have sprung up from the earth like the trees that surround it. 

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