20 Amazing Log Cabin Kits

With the rise in popularity creating more demand for tiny log cabins, the market for kits is bigger than ever. There are so many great ideas available that encourage people to make their own log cabin a home or even as a venue for weekends and vacations.

One of the reasons why they are gaining so much popularity and airtime on social media is the versatility of them. With a log cabin kit, you can add your own character and design to interior as well as exterior. These are some of the best log cabin kits you can use for your next project.

Whether you want to create a cozy rural home base, or a new space for parties and gatherings, these are some easy to follow log cabin kits that the internet has to offer.

Mountain King Cabin

One of Conestoga Log Cabins’ bestsellers is an extremely versatile option for vacations or even to live in. There is a reason why this kit is particularly popular, because of the luxury and spacious design offered. Customers can easily create their own unique space in which to make their own.

Conestoga Log Cabins offer great customer service and are very easy to use and helpful. Their cabins come in a range of designs, and a big part of the appeal is the fact that a lot of them have been designed with the intention of traditional cabin use. Most cabins are complete with bathrooms.

Aspen Chalet Log Home

A more European style is Conestoga’s Aspen Chalet log home. With an inviting welcome provided by the elegant ceilings and optional fireplace, it is easier than ever before to have a cozy cabin.

A – Frame Customizable Cabin Kit

Another option that provides a slightly different shape to the traditional log cabin is an A-frame design. Spacious and customizable, this is a great choice for anyone looking for something a little more modern. Depending on your budget, an A frame cabin kit is an impressive choice that will impress any visitors.

Log Cabin Kit With Loft

If space is less of an issue, these are some great ideas you can use for log cabins that are designed for comfort and rural accommodations. Complete with loft storage, this is also a great idea for those who want to create more of a permanent dwelling within their cabin, as there is plenty of space for essentials and other personal articles. The majority of cabin kits include a porch, which is great for social gatherings.

Coventry Log Homes

This company offer great cabin kits that cover less square footing than most designs, and can be perfect for someone who is on a budget looking for a cheaper option. One of the more popular designs is the Willow Exterior that is picture perfect and straight out of a fairy tale.

Coventry Log Homes are one of the highest rated log cabin kit companies out there, with an impressive reputation for great customer service. Not to mention the immense selection of designs and styles to choose from.

Frontier Log Homes

Another highly recommended company that offers a highly interactive customer experience is Frontier Log Homes. The most options and versatility of cabin design comes from the fact that they carefully select each log and ensure the highest quality. Not only that, but Frontier have the highest range of cabin kits, allowing a completely custom feel.

Northridge Customizable Shell Kit Home

Another perfect choice for easy to follow kits that offer different design choices depending on purpose and the land available, is Northridge cabin kits. Ranging in square footage, number of stories, and bedrooms, there are some great family-friendly options to choose from.

Southridge Customizable Shell Kit Home

Similarly to Northridge designs, Southridge come ready to assemble and are more focused on providing protection from warmer climates. Optional sun decks and lower levels offer shelter from the heat, whereas the Northridge collection features ski-chalet styles, creating coziness and warmth.

Split Level 1000 Square Foot Kit

For a more spacious option, check out the split-level feature of this cabin kit. If you have more space to play around with, you could try changing the layout of the cabin kit and have a little fun making an area that works for you and your family, depending on what you want to use it for.

Chincoteague Ranch Shell

More of a home style option is the ranch option of cabin kits. Made with customer experience in mind, Chincoteague cabins are designed for entertaining. Optional sundecks for warmer weather and high ceilings with welcoming open halls offer a great combination of coziness and practicality.

The shell is designed for you to customize and make your own, which is why this one is perfect for a new home option with less mortgage or rental concerns.


This kit has been developed for the more environmentally conscious customer, northern white spruce comes ready to assemble in your desired measurements.

Depending on your desired floor plan and configuration, you might decide to choose something like this shell design in order to save energy with insulating and reduce carbon emissions. You could even go as far as to install solar panels once your cabin has been built.

Office / Workshop Space By Home Depot

Another option for a log cabin kit is a functional space that has many functions as a home office, workshop, studio, or can even be turned into a living space. If you want a basic construction that you can play around with the configuration, why not order a Home Depot design and have a little fun with it. It’s easy to install bathroom facilities and the basic materials are weatherproof.

Multi Room Cabin Kit With Front Porch

Similar to the previous option, the design of this cabin is relatively simple. That said, it is less focused on being a multipurpose space and more towards living or accommodation. A charming design offers a perfect starter home or even guest space for visiting family.

This can be a great, affordable option for those wanting a granny annex for in-laws or even a games’ room for the kids. The benefit of having multiple rooms is that one could be used as an office, studio, bedroom, or even storage, while the other could be for entertainment.

Hud-1 EZ Small Cabin Kit

On the smaller side of things, this design offers a smaller space that can be used as a pool house, guest room, or even as a self-contained unit to live in if you prefer. An affordable option that is easy to assemble, and can be a great addition to your property if you are new to the cabin scene.

Honka Scandinavian Log Cabin Kits

This is a Nordic company that specialize in ready to make kits that you can assemble yourself. A particularly versatile design is the Rantama inspired by Finnish summer houses. A rectangular unit offers simplicity of design while offering a modern sleekness and tranquility. These are very high quality cabin kits worth investing in.

Southland Log Homes

A US based company that have many years of experience designing and constructing cabins is Southland log homes. The website has a customer friendly design and is easy to follow if you want to design your own cabin or select from the range. Options include bungalows, lodge styles, traditional wooden cabin designs and even more luxurious options.

Golden Eagle Homes

Another American company with an impressive array of cabin designs and options is Golden Eagle Homes. They specialize in expert advice and have an impressive background knowledge of woodworking. Not to mention the reputation of excellent customer service, Golden Eagle have plenty of choices from smaller designs to luxury cabin kits.

Honest Abe Log Cabin Kits

Honest Abe pride themselves on providing a quality service that will last a lifetime. Custom log cabin kits are made to order with a huge selection of available features. Pictured below is the Aspen Log Cabin by Honest Abe.

Eco-Friendly Log Cabins

Another option is to share your plans, or use ones already available with eco-friendly log cabins. There are plenty to choose from, including budget designs that are still fitted with insulation and high-quality timber to ensure lower heating costs.


Finally, the Elkin model from eLoghomes has a traditional design with front porch and cozy, simplistic interior. There are several options to choose from, although notable less than some other options. Check out customer reviews for more information and to see how the company’s reputation illustrates them.

To summarize, there are some great options available for you to choose from. It is really up to you to decide what style and configuration would suit you the most. Depending on how you intend to use the space, there are different choices.

Not only that, but you can cater the design to the function, or even to the type of space or amount of square feet that you have available. Of course, there is a price variation, and it is recommended that you ask local surveyors about the land before installing a log cabin.

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