20 Amazing Amish Log Cabin Kits

Have you ever dreamed of having your own cozy log cabin? Luckily for you the internet has made it possible to order all the necessary parts so you can build one. That’s right you can buy log cabins kits complete with walls, ceilings, doors and windows ready to be built by yourself or a contractor of your choice.

20 Amazing Amish Log Cabin Kits

There are few better craftsmen when it comes to log buildings than the Amish. This list include 20 incredible Amish log cabin kits that could be your new dream home.


This is a cabin that has fully embraced the rustic look that many people associate with log buildings. The optional dormers and extended porch make a great addition to this structure.

There are a few different floorplans available with space for one or two bedrooms depending on how many people will be staying in the cabin.

Conestoga Camping Cabin

Conestoga have built this cabin to mimic the design of traditional amish buildings right down to the full log construction and front gable that overhangs the porch. It is a minimal structure without any bells or whistles but still very cozy nonetheless.

With an interior big enough to fit two beds and not much else, this cabin is perfectly suited for a guest house.

The Sedona Cabin

With the Sedona, Zook have a designed a compact full log cabin that is practical, sturdy and very stylish. The front porch is lined with a beautiful bannister made from whole logs, and the green doors, windows and roof match well with the dark wood of the walls.

This is an economical cabin that works great as a hunting shack or as part of a camp site.

The Coyote

This half log cabin made by Deer Run Cabins has the option for a partial loft to provide the benefits of attic space the beautiful aesthetic of a vaulted ceiling at the same time.

A staircase is included for getting onto the spacious side porch and the 16x40ft interior has enough space for a kitchen, living room and two bedrooms. The baked enamel metal roof is sturdy and great for keeping this cabin nice and dry even in heavy rain.

Boone Amish Cabin

The Boone from Amish Made Cabins can be built with one or two bedrooms depending on how many people are staying in it.

A small secluded porch is placed on the side and with a nice rocking chair it makes the perfect reading nook. There is the option to include dormers on the roof to let natural light into the loft space.

The Catskill Cabin

Looking like a building straight out of the wild west, the catskills cabin has a classic aesthetic with the front gable overhanging a small porch. The bannisters are made out of whole logs for a simple yet rustic appearance.

There is the option for a loft and this cabin makes a great hunting shack or romantic retreat with its spacious interior.

Silverwolf Cabin

The silverwolf is a beautifully designed full log cabin with a sheltered porch so you can sit outside and enjoy the surroundings while being protected from the elements. It makes a great guest house with a few beds and furnishings for the interior.

The compact 336sq.ft floorplan can accommodate a spacious bedroom with a bathroom at the end.

The Mountaineer Deluxe Cabin

A deluxe cabin is built to provide a beautiful get away from city life, this mountaineer design has lots of wide open spaces. The large windows let in plenty of natural light and the half loft allows for a vaulted ceiling over the living room. This full log cabin makes a perfect holiday home for the whole family to enjoy.

The Bobcat

This Bobcat cabin designed by Deer Run Cabins takes full advantage of the minimalist Amish design. It is small enough to make a great getaway, or hunting shack but still large enough to accommodate a bedroom, kitchen and lavatory. The open porch is a bit exposed but it adds to the rustic appeal of this simple yet sturdy log cabin.

White Rock

The white rock can be constructed as a one bedroom cabin with a loft or as a longer two bedroom bungalow. A large window located in the gable illuminates the attic so it can be turned into a reading room or a second bedroom if needed. With a steep roof and sturdy full log construction this cabin is well suited for cold climates.

The Rancher

This Amish made cabin looks like a fully modernized house right down to the garage. It is fully customisable and can be designed to have up to three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The rancher makes a great choice as the central building for a campground, but it can also be used as a getaway for vactions or as a guest house.

The Musketeer Cabin

Zoom’s premium ranch cabin has a raised, wrap-around porch that features beautiful wooden bannisters around the perimeter.

It has a steep roof to provide extra storage space in the attic and for handling heavy loads of snow. This makes it a great winter retreat, especially when kitted out with Zoom’s optional wall insulation and double glazed windows.

Montana Cabin

The Montana sports a classic full-log design with a raised porch that features a staircase and beautiful wooden bannisters. It boasts 432sq.ft of floorspace which is all on the same level with a vaulted ceiling instead of a loft.

The living room, bedroom and kitchen are all shared with no dividing walls between them making this a compact living arrangement for one person.

The Pioneer Cabin

The pioneer cabin is designed to look like a minature ranch and has a roof with a slightly smaller slope. Instead of a loft, there is a vaulted ceiling that makes the living room and kitchen feel much more spacious.

The largest version of this cabin can have up to three bedrooms as well as a kitchen, bathroom and living room. Metal railings surround the extended porch, but there is the option of wooden railings if you prefer a more rustic aesthetic.

Kentuckian Amish Cabin

This cabin combines the rugged look of a traditional wooden cabin with the fittings and features of a modern house. It can be built with one or two bedrooms depending on how many guests you plan to have.

With reverse gables and an optional extended porch, this cabin has a lot of character that makes it a great holiday home for small families.

The Settler Cabin

Take your family for a peaceful vacation in the woods with this Amish made log bungalow. This design is a bit more sleek and modern, lacking the rustic look of whole logs but it’s highly customisable capable of being built with up to three bedrooms.

Other optional features include wooden kitchen fittings to match the interiors and hardwood flooring. The doors and windows are insulated to keep this cabin cozy and warm in all seasons.

Retreat Cabin

The retreat is a classic 1980’s design that has been revamped for the modern age. This mini lodge is incredibly compact but still boasts two levels with the loft acting as a spare bedroom.

The 6ft wraparound porch is sheltered from the elements so you can sit outside with a warm drink and admire your surroundings.

A window has been added to the front gable allowing sunlight to pour in from the roof and illuminate your cabin. This is a traditional full log design that makes it perfect for those who want sturdy cabin that can withstand all weather conditions.

Lincoln Amish Cabins

The Lincoln design is an incredibly compact cabin with a beautiful, sheltered front porch. With a gabled roof and forked supporting columns, this cabin looks very cozy. This single bedroom cabin makes a great winter retreat or hunting shack.

If you like going for long walks in the woods, then the porch makes a great place to leave you boots while they dry off.

The Frontier Cabin

Zook cabins have chosen a simple design for this single level cabin. Walls made from full logs contribute to the traditional aesthetic and ensure the building is very sturdy. There are two bedrooms, which makes it a suitable holiday home for small families.

The windows are double glazed and the cabin comes with insulation, plumbing and electronics to keep it nice and warm even in the middle of winter.

Livingston Cabin

This single bedroom log bungalow has a 222sq.ft wraparound porch. This allows you to enjoy your surroundings in comfort and stay sheltered from the elements while you do so. There are two entrances to the cabin with a combined kitchen and living room which takes up most of the floor space.

Those looking for a holiday home or romantic getaway will love this compact yet spacious, full log cabin.

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