15 Interesting Vertical Log Cabins

Whether you are interested to build your new dream home in the woods or you are looking for a holiday home, a log cabin is the perfect place for delicious hot chocolate on cold nights or fun summer escapes out in the country.

Together with the comfort benefits, log cabins are a great sustainable living option, and particularly vertical log cabins come with a number of benefits. For vertical log cabins shorter logs are placed upright next to each other to create walls.

15 Interesting Vertical Log Cabins

These log walls are then tightly insulated to create a cozy feel throughout summer and winter.  

One other advantage of this log building structure is that there is no need for special door and window openings to be cut.

Together with less labor and heavy equipment means that vertical log cabins are almost half the costs of horizontal log structures, making this both a quick and affordable building technique for your new home.

In addition to the practical points, you also need to consider what your log cabin should look like, inside and out. Here are our top 15 most interesting vertical log cabins for inspiration.

1. The Log Cabin Fortress

This vertical log cabin tells the story of a strong woman. Waitress Dorothy Ainsworth had no building experience, no big bank account and no helping hand. All she had was a piece of land, an old pickup truck and absolute determination to build her dream home. 

Without help and as a small woman, for Dorothy, vertical log construction was the practical choice to go: the small logs were easy to cut with a small chainsaw, they fitted into her pickup truck and they were easy to assemble.  

So she drew up plans, constructed a model, secured a permit and gathered enough logs (the cabin had to be big enough to fit her much loved grand piano in).

Her creative cabin design included a ‘river rock shower’ and a ‘cave’ with a porthole window and hobbit door. Dorothy really allowed her imagination to flow, and made her dream not only come true but a special home to relax.

2. Cabin With A View

Nestled in the alpine valley in the Rocky Mountains, this stunning log cabin is surrounded by large woods, and also is part of the Dunton Hot Springs Resort.

The cabin’s two bedrooms ooze with rustic charm, made up of large rooms filled with antiques and a spectacular view of the village and the mountains. One of the bathrooms even has an antique copper bathtub!

3. Rustic Log Cabin

You can already tell from the exterior that this is not your average type of log cabin. This quaint woodland retreat is over a hundred years old and provides plenty of space across an open living space, including a cozy loft.

Together with the traditional brown and contemporary white exterior, the mix of antiques and modern conveniences inside give this vertical log cabin its special character.

4. Family-Size Cabins

We often think of log cabins as small and dingy but this family-size log cabin proves us definitely wrong. Sleeping up to eight people, this glamping cabin features large windows and a fully open living space with kitchen area which allows plenty of light in.

This woodland log cabin is located 8,000 foot high up in the White River National Forest so you are definitely not going to be short of outdoor activities.

5. Sustainable Log Cabin

Who said log cabins have to be old? Timber cottage designs are not just in trend but also come with all the sustainable credentials. This particular timber cabin was designed by Austrian architects.

They used recycled timber from the original farmhouse building to create strips of cladding and window shutters.

The ridged roof is intended to ‘recreate’ the traditional farmhouse shape while giving this home a stylish modern look which combines natural timber and a minimal design throughout.  

6. Historic Log Cabin

Set in the beautiful countryside of Pulltite Spring, Missouri, Pulltite cabin was built by six men as a lodge to create a vacation and retreat center. Its construction was finished just before Thanksgiving in 1913 and the cabin was used as a fishing resort for some time. 

Pulltite cabin is particularly interesting because it is a typical example of vertical log construction, with a broken pitch gable roof and shingled gable ends. This cabin building technique was very popular with French settlers in the area three hundred years ago.

A real treasure find!

7. Log Cabin With A Swing Inside

This vertical timber cabin is a playground for adults and kids alike. Often used as a family retreat or inspiration for artists, the Nook, as it is lovingly called, shows off its modern chic on the outside and continues a sleek design inside.

The large windows and open space give you the feeling of being outdoors all the time, and a swing in the living area is guaranteed to let your spirits fly amongst the trees. 

8. The River Cabin

Located right by the river, this large timber cabin may look rustic from the outside but its interiors come with all the modern conveniences you could wish for (including a hot tub).

The large veranda running all around this charming woodland cabin is perfect for long BBQ evenings with friends and family.

9. Off-Grid Log Cabin

When you are staying somewhere remote, particularly where the weather is often stormy, off-grid is a great chance to be independent from external electricity supply.

This tiny house log cabin is plain and homely on the inside, but comes with an eco-friendly outfit, including 100% solar power. 

10. Treehouse Cabin

This is not just one log cabin but has been split into three separate, open spaces: living area, a bedroom for two and a hammock deck. All areas are connected by decking which means you can safely wander amongst the trees.

This characterful cabin’s claim to be Airbnb’s most wish-listed property in the world definitely deserves its title, for all the right reasons!

11. Ultra Modern Log Cabin

This super modern log cabin built in Estonia goes beyond your average ‘room with a view’. Already the boardwalk leading up to the house gives you a good idea of what awaits you inside.

The cabin’s cozy bedroom with wood burner makes you feel like you are lounging outside amongst the trees. The chic angular design with ash wood timber also provides plenty of decking area for spending lots of time outdoors watching sunsets, stars and the wildlife around.

12. Vertical Log Cabin For Stargazers

This cabin may look a little bit ramshackle, just because it has its original 1955 paint but that’s exactly what gives it this unique charm. Joshua National Park is only a few minutes drive away and with the cabin’s location you are guaranteed to get the best stargazing experience all round.

13. Iron Age Roundhouse

Inspired by Iron Age building structures, this roundhouse was built in a circular design with vertical logs bringing old age traditions to life.

Overlooking the Yorkshire Dales in the United Kingdom, this small but practical off-grid retreat comes with a comfy bed, log burner and some simple cooking facilities. The interior details were intentionally kept to the basics so you get a feel for what it was like to live 1,200 BC.

14. Luxury Treehouse

Although closer to the ground, this luxury treehouse with a vertical timber exterior is set in the heart of the Brecon Beacons, United Kingdom. Leading up a few steps is a small veranda which provide some outdoor space.

When you enter through the large wooden doors, your eyes will first look up to the tall, dome-like ceilings with its exposed beam structure. The kitchen, bedroom and bathroom are assembled along the circular walls to give you this truly open plan feeling.

A luxury log cabin that is set to take your cabin vacation to a whole new level. 

15. The Beehouse Log Cabin

This unique lakeside log cabin was designed with a clear purpose in mind: to provide a home for bees as well as create an immersive educational space.

Playfully called ‘Beezantium’, the lovely waterfront cottage features a range of practical ideas for bee preservation which help to exhibit beehives in their natural habitat as well as educating visitors.

When you enter, you can see polished honey oak timbers which create a warm atmosphere, and the two oculi windows in the loft space provide enough light and ventilation. A truly creative log cabin concept!

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