why not an RV?

Why not an RV if you want to be mobile?

We considered buying a used RV or travel trailer and renovating it but after looking at a few we realized that was not what we wanted.  here’s why:

  1. Aesthetics…  RV’s have thin walls and are made out of lightweight, often inexpensive materials.  We wanted to live in a tiny house because it feels like a real home: solid, spacious, well built – high ceilings.  We didn’t want to feel like we were on an interminable camping trip….
  2. Weather and Comfort…  Our tiny home is well insulated to withstand winter and summer temperatures.  In an RV we would have to run the heater or A/C constantly to be comfortable in winter or summer.
  3. Health…  when we viewed RV’s we noticed the unmistakable odor of plastics and chemicals throughout the interior.  We wanted to live in a tiny house because we wouldn’t surround ourselves by man-made toxic materials.
  4. Mobility…  If you want to move your house every couple weeks, then an RV would definitely be better for you.  They are designed to be moved: lightweight and aerodynamic.  We did not need that much mobility.  We envisioned ourselves moving the home maybe once or twice a year so building on wheels allows us to avoid zoning code restrictions and have a beautiful home with the flexibility we need.

I am a huge fan of Airstreams and have seen some beautifully renovated travel trailers, but those were (some of) our reasons for choosing a tiny home.

moving to Santa Fe.

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3 thoughts on “why not an RV?

  1. Very good comments on this topic.
    From reading many forums and posts from others commenting on tiny houses on trailers it is obvous to me that many do not understand the concept of building the tiny house on a trailer. It is apparent they don’t get that the idea is *not* to build your own RV, but to build your own HOUSE that just happens to be tiny and mounted on a trailer. And that the reason it is on a trailer of any kind is *not* so it can be regularly towed all over like an RV (as you said ” If you want to move your house every couple weeks, then an RV would definitely be better for you.”) but primarily because of the building codes that are so unreasonably restrictive for minimum size of a house built on a permanent foundation. The trailer simply provides many benefits that building on a foundation doesn’t have, such as the ability to easily transport it to a desired location. In this way a tiny house on a trailer is really much more like what used to be called a mobile home, called a Manufactured Home these days. I never had the stigma that some have calling them mobile homes. The first home we owned… er, were buying with a loan, was a mobile home. Small by today’s standards for a MH but still 720 sq ft. We only moved out of that when our second son was born. We were also caught up in the so called great American dream of accumulating more and more so needed a bigger “storehouse” in which to live. Working on changing that.

    • great summary Bob – it’s right on. tiny housers aren’t trying to create home-built RV’s – they’re creating custom homes that can be small and get past building regulations and restrictions.

  2. I am hugely impressed by the various considerations you have put forward us in relation to the use of RV. Weather and comfort should the major considerations.

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