why a gooseneck trailer?

Why a gooseneck trailer?

Most tiny homes are built on bumper pull car hauler trailers.  We opted to try something different and build our house on a gooseneck car hauler trailer.  We chose a 5th wheel or gooseneck hitch because it is much safer to tow than a bumper pull.  The gooseneck also allowed us to keep the house one story – no loft –  the bed is over the trailer hitch and is accessed by three steps.  Because it’s one story we didn’t have to go to the maximum allowable road height: 13′-6″.  Our house is only 12′-4″ off the ground to the top of the roof peak which also makes it easier to tow.

For more on our trailer foundation check out: this previous blog post.

our trailer in the shop after we removed the rotted decking

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4 thoughts on “why a gooseneck trailer?

  1. Dwayne Mills

    I like it……how many bedrooms does it have?

  2. Smart move going with a gooseneck trailer. Definitely easier to tow and more stable.

  3. Bumper pulls are inherently dangerous, especially if you are towing a trailer of any consequence. Smart move going to a gooseneck. They are way, way safer and easier to tow. Also a lot more maneuverable.

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