why a gooseneck trailer?

Why a gooseneck trailer?

Most tiny homes are built on bumper pull car hauler trailers.  We opted to try something different and build our house on a gooseneck car hauler trailer.  We chose a 5th wheel or gooseneck hitch because it is much safer to tow than a bumper pull.  The gooseneck also allowed us to keep the house one story – no loft –  the bed is over the trailer hitch and is accessed by three steps.  Because it’s one story we didn’t have to go to the maximum allowable road height: 13′-6″.  Our house is only 12′-4″ off the ground to the top of the roof peak which also makes it easier to tow.

For more on our trailer foundation check out: this previous blog post.

our trailer in the shop after we removed the rotted decking


7 thoughts on “why a gooseneck trailer?

  1. Dwayne Mills

    I like it……how many bedrooms does it have?

  2. Smart move going with a gooseneck trailer. Definitely easier to tow and more stable.

  3. Bumper pulls are inherently dangerous, especially if you are towing a trailer of any consequence. Smart move going to a gooseneck. They are way, way safer and easier to tow. Also a lot more maneuverable.

  4. LeAnna Miller

    I have been searching the internet to find someone who might possibly have built a tiny house on a fifth wheel. Why? Because I just happen to be a tiny house fan..and..I happen to have an old fifth wheel I was going to sell in order to buy a new flat bed trailer to build a tiny house on. Now I realize I have in my possession a trailer frame far more sturdy and well supported than any flat bed, with the exception of commercial haulers, of course. Getting ready to scrap out that old fifth wheel using the money from the recycled aluminum siding and etc. to get going on this project. I am excited because my truck is set up with a fifth wheel hitch and the fifth wheel trailer gives me a definite designing advantage over the flat bed trailer. I am excited to find your website and excited to get this project underweigh.


    • Awesome! We really think the gooseneck trailer made a great tiny house, both for safe towing and design – the bed can be over the hitch so no loft or ladder needed.
      Let us know if you want any design review or tips! You might also contact the new show: tiny house nation, I think they’re looking for projects to do shows about…

  5. Eileen Queen

    I was thinking that a gooseneck would be more stable but hadn’t seen any either – until this one. Since I can’t use steps or ladder well (MS) I was thinking of putting solar panels on the top of the hitch. That way there would be much fewer breaks in the roof and maintenance would be easier. I even got to thinking of a cheap solar panel turntable and put my design on instructables.com (search RV SOLAR TURNTABLE). Of course access to the turntable would be difficult for me but would only need to be done when a move is made. Before moving, the panels could be turned so they don’t have any wind resistance (perpendicular to the truck’s movement). A fifth-wheel or gooseneck seems a logical place to start a design on a heavy load like a tiny house. Another good reason to use a gooseneck would be to have the trailer designed with a pointed storage area installed under the hitch to lessen wind resistance (a little).

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