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Carrie and Shane Caverly

Clothesline Tiny Homes


8 thoughts on “contact

  1. Rick

    I was wondering why you chose to not build out further on the goose. I always thought of squaring it up like a fifth.

    • Hi Rick,
      We didn’t build out any further onto the gooseneck because we needed outdoor space for our propane tanks. thanks for the question!

  2. Hi Shane and Carrie,
    Do you travel and build for others, like over in North Carolina and Pennsylvania, etc.

    You know, “Have Builder, Will Travel.”


    • hi John! thanks for the question!
      We have not done this yet and would probably be more inclined to build the house here in Santa Fe and then deliver it. We found that our house towed really easily so delivery wouldn’t be a problem, would just need to be reimbursed for mileage / fuel.
      – Carrie

  3. Liz Navarro

    Hi Carrie –

    I was wondering, now that you’ve been in your tiny house for a few months now, what’s it like to cook in a tiny kitchen? What has been the best thing? the worst thing about it? What have you relied upon the most? Maybe you could do a blog post in the future? Love you place and the design!

    • hi Liz,
      thanks for your comment – good idea – a blog about the kitchen. in short, I do like it! it’s very efficient – everything is literally at hand!

  4. shane brion

    When do you plan on having your plans for sale? After seeing yours on a 5th wheel i am leaning that way. As for me being single i would like to go smaller so i could move with a half ton truck is that possible? Thanks i can not wait to live your life style a nice simple life stress free from debt. Thanks Shane

  5. Beth

    My husband and I are starting to think we need to go “tiny”. We have been renting since we left home for college, and are now looking for a home to purchase. The problem is, we don’t care for anything we’ve seen (nor care for paying the high monthly payments) and it might be because we like to travel and it frightens us to think we will be “stuck” in one place for a VERY long time!
    So I have a question for you…..Do you plan to have kids in the future? We would like to (but that thought scares us to), and we just don’t know how it would work having kids in the tiny house. Any thoughts? Maybe a slightly larger tiny house?

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