Why Tiny?

Tiny Houses and Disaster Preparedness

Good morning, happy monday!

I am so happy to be working from home again this week after an ill-fated venture into substitute teaching.  (what was I thinking?!)  Does everyone pretty much know that substitute teaching is horrible?!  yeah, well, now I know too.  fortunately, pain is the touchstone of all growth, so any awful experience is bound to be highly instructive, and the past two weeks have indeed been revealing.  I am just not suited to teaching – any group larger than about 6 people causes a noticeable amount of anxiety, and ideally, I prefer to interact with 1-2 people at a time.  so.  until I find a school with class sizes of two students!  I will stick with design work.

I wanted to share a few interesting tiny house related links with you…

first: tiny house for rent!  this would be a great way to feel out if a tiny house is right for you.  I like how this place painted the walls white but left the ceiling natural wood.

Tiny House for rent – interior view.

secondly, I wanted to share a blog of a friend of ours who lives in Crestone, CO – a notoriously rugged and self-sufficient community in an extremely beautiful environment in southern Colorado.  Continue reading

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Why Tiny? … Economic Reasons for Living in a Tiny House

We were recently featured on cable show HLN’s “Making It In America” where the emphasis was on people downsizing due to economic struggles.  This was also kind of the focus when we were featured on CNN’s website and on ABC news in Phoenix.

Money is only ONE of the reasons we decided to live in a tiny house (check out the FAQ page for more reasons) but I thought I would write a series about Why Tiny?  and I’ll start with economics, because that seems to be the most urgent motivator for most people.  (excepting maybe No Impact Man…?  his motivation seemed to be a desire to make his wife miserable!  oh, wait, saving the environment.)


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