TINY: The Movie

Have you seen this documentary TINY yet?

TINY: A Story About Living Small, the Movie by Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller.

TINY: A Story About Living Small, the Movie by Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller.

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Treehugger article

I have to share this hilarious comment that appeared after an article about our tiny house / Clothesline Tiny Homes on

Young, clever couples like this are going to doom the species! They are the ones who should be contributing to the future gene pool – no way that’s going to happen while they’re living in their hipster sardine can. Quick! Everyone with an education – couple up, have no kids, and leave the future to those with lifestyles you disdained while bending down to fit into your hamster wheels.

- coati-boy

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Another article online…

wow, another story about us living in a tiny house and our website is going crazy!  almost 8,000 hits today.

this one was on “Mail Online” a UK online news website.  a really great story they wrote, click the photo below to read the story.

Article about living in our tiny house...

Article about living in our tiny house…

And I really need to do a post about progress on our current tiny house project underway, the Beehive Mobile Mini Mart.  Soon!  We’re just so busy working on it, I haven’t had time to blog.

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NY Daily News Article about Clothesline Tiny Homes

The NY Daily News wrote a really nice article about us living in our tiny house.  Click the photo to read the article…

NY Daily News wrote a story about Clothesline Tiny Homes.

NY Daily News wrote a story about Clothesline Tiny Homes.

And… we’ve had over 200,000 hits on our website!  We created the website a little over a year ago, so I guess there is a lot of interest in living tiny.  We’ve been working on the Beehive tiny house and I’ll do an update soon.  Hope everyone is well!

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Clothesline Tiny Homes website additions

Hello everyone!

hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I wanted to show you a few additions I’ve been making to our website…

  • shop page – will feature goods and services we’re offering for sale.  hover over the ‘shop’ heading at the top of the website for options
  • publicity page – we’ve had the honor of being featured in several news outlets and I compiled them on one page so you can read the articles and view the video and photo tours of our home.

contact us for more info of goods and services and stay tuned for plans available for download.

take care,


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Clothesline Tiny Homes on Huffington Post!

Huffington Post just wrote an article about our tiny house!  Check it out by clicking the link.

The reporter really went a different direction with this story, and I like it!  You never know what portion of an interview is going to be published, or if the journalists will mock you (like one news anchor with ABC15 in Phoenix did)….but this was a really nice article by Amy Marturana of Huffington Post.

(Happy Thanksgiving too!  In addition to our wonderful families, friends, and our sweet followers here on the blog, I am so thankful for my husband, who persuaded me to make drastic changes and start this tiny adventure that we’re on…)

- Carrie

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Clothesline Tiny Homes on Facebook

hey everyone!

we have had a facebook page for a while but have sort of left it alone… until today!  when I finally cleaned up our photo albums, added labels etc.

so check out our facebook page (and like us… if you’d… like.) especially check out the photo album of our entire build!  I hope it’s very informative.

hope all is well,


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House Tour and Interview on CNN’s Headline News!


Check out a tour of our tiny house on HLN / CNN’s Headline News!


(sorry I can’t embed the video directly, but if you click the link above it will take you to the video tour and article)

they also wrote an article about the mortgage crisis and Tiny House living: click here.

Shane was live (via phone…) on the show “Making It In America” today at 4pm ET and I’ll share the link with you when HLN posts it on their website.

Also, we watched a really great movie last night: Surviving Progress.  (with appearances from Stephen Hawking, Jane Goodall, David Suzuki, Margaret Atwood, and No Impact Man.)  It really encouraged us that we ARE on the right path with living differently, living simply, and living smaller.  Props to everyone else who is trying to make a change and treat our home planet with care and respect.  It’s not easy to change the way we are used to living, but it is paramount that we all do so.

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Clothesline Tiny Homes on HLNtv: Making It In America

Hello friends!

wanted to let you know we’ll be featured on a television show tomorrow afternoon: HLNtv’s Making It In America.  It airs at 4pm ET and we did some fresh video tours of the house and we’ll be doing a live interview too!  I’ll let you know how that goes….  :)

I’ll post a link to it once it’s on their website too.

Here are a few photos I took during when a thunderstorm was blowing over our area…

Stormy weather over Santa Fe. Our new greenhouse in the foreground.

Storm clouds over the tiny house…


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Clothesline Tiny Homes Featured on CNN

Almost two months ago I participated in a CNN “iReport” about tiny living.  Today, the full article came out featuring all of the contributors’ stories.  So inspirational to read about all the people embracing smaller living.  And so invigorating to see myself quoted in an article for CNN!

Tiny Homes hit the big city –

Read the full article here on CNN.  I’m quoted at the end of the story, along with several others in the tiny house community.

If you scroll through the photos at the top you can read the whole story we wrote about Clothesline Tiny Homes for CNN.  Or click here.

I also really enjoyed Andrew Odom’s report about Tiny r(E)volution.  You can find that by scrolling through the photos at the top of the main story, or click here for a direct link.

happy Friday!

- Carrie

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