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our wedding in March, 2011

we are Carrie and Shane Caverly.  we designed and built our tiny house in the spring of 2012 and lived in it full time for 18 months in Prescott, AZ and Santa Fe, NM.  we are currently NOT living in the tiny house and are instead building a small (1,000 SF) passive solar house in Southern Colorado where the tiny house will be a lovely guest cottage.  why did we decide not to live in the tiny house anymore?  check out this blog post.

why did we build a tiny home?  well mainly because we grew tired of paying mortgages and rent and having nothing to show for it.  we want to put our time and efforts into something of our own – something we can call home – and hopefully something we can learn from and put more back into the river of life.  Also, we want to make a change toward smaller, simpler living.  we have too much stuff.  and if everyone has too much stuff then how can the earth possibly sustain us?  we’d like to develop a lifestyle that is simple, adventurous, and fun!

Carrie Caverly  { Architectural Designer }

Carrie is an architectural designer with a background in commercial design.  She is originally from northern Colorado (aka the “Front Range”) and has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Denver, Prescott AZ, and currently Santa Fe, NM.

Design Experience:

  • architectural designer, Ecosa Design Studio, Prescott, AZ  {2010-2012}
  • instructor, Ecosa Institute, Prescott, AZ  {2010-2012}
  • landscape drafter, TBKA Design, Prescott, AZ  {2011-2012}
  • student, semester immersion program in regenerative ecological design, Ecosa Institute, Prescott, AZ  {spring 2010}
  • student, 1 month intensive workshop in alternative construction materials and methods, Ecosa Institute, Prescott, AZ  {summer 2009}
  • interior designer, Gensler & Associates, Denver, CO and Santa Monica, CA  {2006-2010}
  • project director & designer, Dio Yang Design, Culver City, CA  {2004-2006}
  • project engineer, Morley Builders, Los Angeles, CA  {2002-2004}

Shane Caverly  { Custom Builder }

Shane is a builder / general contractor.  He is from a tiny town in southern Colorado in the San Luis Valley.  Shane has owned his own custom home building company for years and has lived and worked building / remodeling custom homes in Crestone, San Diego, Phoenix, Boulder, Telluride, Salida, West Palm Beach, Tucson, Prescott, Flagstaff and Santa Fe.  {Shane needed a tiny home on wheels a LONG time ago!}

keep following us here on this site to see our adventure as it progresses!

our family photo at Christmas with our new puppy Rio!


10 thoughts on “about us

  1. Frank (upstate NY)

    You two are two beautiful people…Shane…I did some construction to get through .college…if you ever need a professional demeanored person to help you build…please…I’ll work with you and your lovely wife to build mine; close design to yours…then perhaps we can move around the country building ‘on site for others….perfect lifestyle!

    • Hello Frank,
      Well thanks for the offer and you never know but I will remember your offer. And thanks for complement.

    • Frank (upstate NY)

      Shane / Carrie;
      I have the money now to join your “next build”….but I would need to be a laborer to afford everything including the necessary truck….

      I’m looking for something more than “just another dead end job”…multiple faceted opportunity here it seems.

      Thanks Frank in Upstate NY

      • Hello Frank, Thanks for the comments. As to your build and what your looking for is not out of a realm of possibility. As to needing a helper to build most of it I build just by my self since there is a huge amount of details. As to the building market of Tiny Homes it seems that most folks want to build it them self’s, unknowing that it takes a lot of experience to build one. Since the house is under tremendous forces that are similar to a earthquake and hurricane forces.

        I’m not sure what your looking for as to size and living space but if you give me an idea of what your looking for I’ll take a look at it.


  2. Nick Stein

    I definitely have a modified form of wanderlust. I’ve been all over the country, and lived in Key West, FL, Oahu, and Broomfield, CO, and Santa Monica, CA…(Ever see the segway guides?…that was me!) and have enjoyed and learned from the experience, though military money and life motivation have sent me back into school here in CA.

    All I know is somewhere along the way, experiences meant more than stuff…mainly because I couldn’t get a lot, but also because I didn’t need it…I share a $3100 apartment across from UCLA with 5 other people right now, and this is NOT the life forever. I’ve also lived in a van, truck, and even smart car for a couple of weeks. I went to Dee’s house in Olympia, WA last year after two years of researching all things Tiny House and minimizing. I’ve gotten rid of 80% of my things and at this point would fit in a FENCL! *Ha!

    I plan on taking something like Molecule and modifying it, as the rustic look inside is not all for me, though beautiful. I’m a fan of modern, Dwell design, so that’s my angle, just cheaper and tiny-house sized. I’ve loved architecture my whole life and if it were more rewarding now-adays I might still consider it, or if I could get into Tiny-Architecture! Is there such a thing? I’ve read books about being an architect, and it sounds amazing yet vastly unfulfilling, how has your experience been?

    Santa Fe is a beautiful city, congrats on having family out west, though I could easily get away with living like this in Indiana, it may be harder to explain why, when you can still get homes here for 1/3 of CA. I prefer natural beauty, and mountains, waterfalls, ocean, etc…but we have beauty here too…so it’s tempting to move closer to the folks. Still, if I can find that dream spot, a tiny house with my silver IQ parked next door sounds amazing, no matter where it would happen.

    I am still figuring out life and all, but at 35, I’ve grown tired of small ridiculously priced studios and roommate situations, a $475,000 home sounds crazy, and the tiny house life seems the best way! The dream is not dying, that is for sure…we’ll see where the road takes all of us! Even at this point, a $200,000 house sounds crazy, considering it cannot go with me. For once it would be nice to have familiarity with me in these new locations…I may travel forever!

    • Catherine

      Hi Nick,
      I will also be modifying a molecule design & am also a fan of a more modern interior. Wondering if you want to connect via email & talk plans, etc. My big limitation is that I don’t have a lot of hands-on construction experience, and cannot afford to shell out 25k+ to have one built, and a lot of contractors don’t know how to build for the racking etc. that tiny houses experience. PLUS – the workshops provided by a lot of the companies are more conceptual, less experiential.

      Someone should have a 1 week training with peoples trailers and materials on site, and help them get started- kind of a group build concept. I would happily pay a good chunk of money for something like that. At the end, trailers are arranged for delivery to peoples homes…

      Anyway Nick, let me know if you want to connect.


  3. Hi & best wishes. Looking to move from a largish farmhouse outside MV/Del Norte to NE of San Luis, summer vacation only, totally self-sustainable tiny home deliverable on trailer. Property has access cut. Compost john and cistern, solar w/ generator backup, propane or potbelly heat. If you know of any available such homes I’d love to hear. Thanks!
    — Randy

    • Check tinyhouselistings.com if you want to buy one already built. Or send us a message via the contact page if you want a custom built tiny home. Best of luck!

  4. Hello,
    I’m very interested in this movement. What are the zoning codes for tiny houses in the greater Santa Fe area? Do the same 42 day living restrictions apply? Can one place a tiny house legally (permitally on a lot one owns?

    • I wish I could help, but I do not know the zoning codes for tiny houses in Santa Fe – we lived outside city limits over by Eldorado on family’s land and did not ask about the legality of parking there. Sometimes it is better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission!
      Tiny houses tend to fall between the cracks of allowances for RV’s (usually only permitted as temporary dwellings) and guest houses / art studios (sometimes not allowed at all). Maybe place an anonymous call to the city zoning official?
      best of luck!

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